WCP mission editing


i have tried and tried to find a old mission editor for WCP/SO that i used to used a good long while ago but I cannot find it anymore. i have no idea the name but i have downloaded all the ones on CIC and with no luck just error after error. none of them will install or run one says cannot find compile.bat. if anyone has any ideas or a editor thats not listed here they could point me in the right direction to download i would be greatly appreciated. i remember the editor had no code was one where you inserted ships and labeled them made nav points without writing. kinda like delta force 2 mission editor if anyones familiar with novalogics games. but anyhelp would be greatly appreciated just got back into a WCP kick again as im tired of the ps3 finally
You are looking for WCPascal, which had some automated functions for adding in ships and Nav Points.

Try this thread:

well i do believed i did something right. pascal didnt run gave my usual errors but i threw mission builder 1.2.1 in the directory and turns out that mission builder works now and was the program i used to use. thanks for the help i can rest easier now that im up and running
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