WCP and lost carrier


Im currently playing WCP again and I've got to a point where Im on the mission defending the midway from incoming attack (targeting the plasma weapon). Every time I start this mission I instantly get the message (Carrior lost) and I hadnt even launched. I had saved my game just before the start of this mission so im totaly stuck. Anyone have any ideas on how I could fix this with out playing the whole thing again.


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Mind you, play the simulators until you beat it or get killed, then go launch.


Ship lost message

Well I'm having the same problem at the same location....has anyone figured out the problem? What is the solution?


I don't understand why everyone seems to have a problem with this mission.
I never touched the simulator, yet had absolutely no problem with this mission.


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Never suffered the problem myself either. I think if the Midway suffers too much damage in an earlier mission, that damage is 'saved', and in the next defence mission the Midway is trashed before you can take off. Playing a sim mission resets the damage, I believe.