WCM on BBC 2

Talyn 83

Well... good news for you people who are able to get BBC 2 and do not yet have the movie. Wing Commander is airing on BBC next frisay (11th of october). Starts at 0:15am.

Just thought I'd lett y'all know
Why wouldn't anybody be able to get BBC2 Talyn?

I might be watching it, but I've got it on Video anyway (get it ex-rental from Blockbusters for £7.99). It's an ok movie, if you get pass all the mess ups, would use stronger words, but I have self control (not that I saying anybody of the forums doesn't)
I cant get it, I'm from singapore.

and I cant get the DVD cause you cant find it in singapore too
I see, I should have know that Talyn, was talking about people from outside the UK. And LOAF, why is the UK Scary?
Originally posted by TCSTigersClaw
?????? It never released ?????

In the United Kingdom ????


Nope. You could only get it from selected video stores or from Cable/Satelite tv.
Yeah I waited for it to appear at the movies but no...

Saw it in Blockbuster for rent but wasn't a member and couldn't be arsed to join just to watch a movie 90% of ppl described as 'Bad'. I don't think i'll enjoy it, mainly coz of the lame teen movie actors and crap Kilrathi, but I have to watch it coz it's Wing Commander!
Yeah, because it's always best to do what everyone else is doing!

After all, no one *ever* points out that 90% of the population are idiots. :)
It´s not only *just* a movie. It tells a story involving our dearest hobby: Wing Commander. The movie wasn´t all that bad, I think...