WCII scene identification question


Hi everyone,

It's been years since I saw this scene, so it might have just been my imagination- I can't find it again no matter how many different branches I take, so maybe it was a dream I had or something.

Here was the situation, as far as I can remember. Tolwyn and Devereaux were on the bridge and Tolwyn wanted to fire a weapon (think it was the phase transit cannon) but Devereaux was arguing that they should wait.

I know it's not much to go on, but this is one of those little things that stays in the back of your mind until you figure it out. Thanks for your help.
I know what scene you are talking about, I forget where it is in wc2 (although it might be in so1 or so2) but it's when tolwyn is deciding to fire it against a frathla that is closing with the concordia...and it is firing the PTC, Angel is worried about a reactor overload or something like that...
The scene is in SO2 near the end of the expansion I believe somewhere between the 1-3 missions before the fight with Jazz. You might have missed it because it might only be seen if you go to the O-Deck or whatever before starting the next mission.

Oh, and I believe it was a corvette (Kamekha?) that is in that cutscene not a Fraltha. :p
The scene is from Special Operations 2. It plays after the next to last mission, Ayers Rock C.

The ship in the scene is a Fralthra - but the dialogue between Angel and Tolwyn calls it a Kamekh.
Eh, it's an easy mistake to make -- they look so similar that Angel and Tolwyn couldn't tell the difference.
Quarto said:
This animated gif says your memory's indeed playing tricks :p.

Why dont they have those cool shipkiller guns in game in prophecy/so. :(
I really loved them, especially in one of the first WC 2 missions where the Concordia blows up two already badly damaged Fralthra with its antimatter cannons. :D
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Bandit LOAF said:
How is the Midway's plasma cannon not in the game?

i'm sure he meant non-fmv/cutscene.

ie, cap ship battles with big guns going for it while your zipping around the joint 'in game'.
I'm kinda glad they didn't have that thing firing "in-game." I remember in Starlancer those capships firing those big cannons...one hit and you die. I've forgotten how many times I wandered into my own capships' guns...aggravating.
AMGs in wc2 were just as bad, I don't think I have got in the way of a plunket trading heavy fire however...wonder how a salvo from one of its turrets feels....
I think I almost got hit by hit before, but don't recall...I do remember confessing their love for it long ago however...
Quarto said:
This animated gif says your memory's indeed playing tricks :p.

That was excellent. Show me more. WC2 is the only WC game I haven't beaten. Just haven't got around to it. It's the one I remember least about. But I'll always remember the sound of the mass driver in that game.
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Bandit LOAF said:
Oh, in the actual game engine? Because everyone loved the Cerberus' Mk. IV plasma gun sooo much?

The Cerberus always tried to kill me with that gun, and it was never used for capship combat. What im talking about is WC 2 style capship combat where capsips used their big guns on other capships instead of figthers.
WC2s capship guns were as big a cheat as the ones in WC3 - they're just regular gun graphics sized larger.