wccg collection for sale, other items and pictures to be added soon


Hey guys,
I'm going to be selling a few items this week. I have a ccg collection that is almost complete except for a few cards. It's a fairly large collection and I also have several of each promo card(blair and tolwyn). The only character card I don't have is Colonel Devereaux. I might be missing several of the rarer squadrons on some fighters as well as a tachyon cannon weapon card but I haven't catalogued my collection and it's been a while since I looked through all of it. There are duplicates of most cards so you would have things to trade with someone else. I only ever got 1 bloodfang fighter however. The rarer cards have been stored in plastic sleeves. Many cards have been stored in 2 binders as well as a box.

I also have sealed copies of the secret missions(bundled together), WC2 original release, and wc3 original release.

PM me if you are interested.


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
As usual, if someone picks the CCGs up and wants to complete the set, we can make arrangements for trades.