WCAAO Recruiting


Vice Admiral
Well I've come to realize that the demands of running this RPG are probably quite beyond my limited time availability right now.

Keep in mind we're differant then other Fan Projects/Mods so we're going to have differant requirements. (We don't need a 3D Modeler or a WCPascal programer, for Example).

I'm going to list what I'd like to have here and we'll see what we can do about recruiting or having people fulfill some of these roles.

Site Coder
Requirements: PHP/MySQL/HTML/CSS/XHTML Experiance NECESSARY.OPEN Availability.
Duties: This will probably fall to me, but this poor fool gets the job of recoding the site and making it possible for players to do things like log in and update their own status. This position is very time intensive and needs to be filled ASAP. As I said, this will probably fall to me, but only if I can fill some of the other positions to keep the RP going while I take time out of the RP to do it.

News Reporter x2
Requirements: Player in the RP! Prefer PHP/HTML Experiance, but not necessary. Light Availability.
Duties: Posting news to the website OR the Forums. Need to be up to date and curret on RP happengins. This position may change when player submitted news is implemented.

Content Developer
Requirements: Knowledge of the Wing Commander Universe. Prefer PHP/HTML Experiance, but not necessary. Light Availability.
Duties: Developing intelligence reports, ship stats, the layout for HTML pages (Not necessarily the code) and the other guts of the new webpage. Will mostly involve mining data and arranging it for the Site Coder.

Requirements: Working knowledge of the Current RP campaign and structure. Medium Availability.
Duties: Hand out Task Force Assignments and issuing orders to ships, as well as requesting reports and information. May also require creating/adding Intelligence reports for the players regarding Confederation and Kilrathi forces available to them for use.

Kilrathi Forces Management
Requirements: Working knowledge of the Current RP campaign and structure. Medium Availability.
Duties: Playing the Kilrathi Forces wherever they come into contact with other players. This position is listed because I would like someone to fill it (especially if they want to or have time) but at the moment it's not necessary.

Forum Mods x2
Requirements: Polite and firm, some knowledge of RPG's and preferably Admin experiance over one or two of them. Light Availability.
Duties: Policing the Forums. Locking/Deleting old threads. Keeping up on who is active (and PMing in-active players to see if they are still interested). Maintenance of the Forums, ensuring they remain clean and clutter free. This involves deleting double posts, and reposting for people who post under the wrong handle (including myself - I do it all the time).

Training Officer
Requirements: Friendly and Courteous, open availability, understanding of Forum Based RPs and well versed in the Wing Commander Universe. Preferably a Vetren Player.
Duties: Welcoming and greeting new players. Accepting them into the Forums and helping them get started on their first RP Commands. May also end up running the War Games Forum, as this is supposed to be a training ground for new commanders.

Please note that not everyone is available for all these positions. I've already weighed the options of inviting several people to take positions and decided I would post this here for people to read and look over. PM me if you're interested, along with whatever qualities you think suit you to the job. Or you can email me at RPGAdmin@WCAAO.com.

Thanks for your time, Guys.

RPG Admin