WCA DVD Set *REFUNDS* (please read)


I really had hoped it wouldn't come to this, guys, but events in recent days have left me with no choice.

I have been forced to make a number of refunds, through Paypal, to people who had ordered DVD sets of Wing Commander Academy. The reason? Simple: demand has *far* exceeded supply in this situation. I was planning on making 3 or 4 sets overall for people. As of this morning, I was sitting on a backlog of about 25 :(

Guys, I'm only one man. I have a life. I have a family. I've been neglecting both now for the past two weeks, spending almost every free moment I have making these DVD sets. The time has come when I just have to realize that I can't do the impossible: as much as I want to make a set for each and everyone who wants one, I just can't do it. Rather than lead you all on, believing that I could pull through on all these orders, I've decided to refund everyone's money who has already paid.

IF YOU RECEIVED AN E-MAIL FROM PAYPAL DECLARING THAT YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN A REFUND: I'm sorry, but it means that I won't be sendning a set your way. I beg for your forgiveness in this matter, but everyone, as I said above I'm only one one man, and I just can't undertake an operatin this big anymore.

IF YOU HAVE MAILED YOUR PAYMENT TO ME INSTEAD OF USING PAYPAL: Your order will be honored, or you will promptly receive a refund through the mail in the next few days. Once again, my apologies for being so vague, but even I can't keep up with the sheer number of orders that have been coming in lately.


Chris Reid, I will be sending two sets your way, one for the shirt, and one for Kris, who told me to send his set along to your address.

NoMention, your NTSC and PAL sets are on their way, as is the graphics package you'll need to make the DVD cases, etc.

Let me make one thing clear: I never wanted things to end up like this, and I am completely sorry to let you all down. I didn't want this to happen, and I really wish I could have followed through on every order... but really, I've done all I can. I ask for your apologies, and nothing more.


I'm sure I've made a lot of enemies in doing this, and for that, I am truly sorry. You guys have been a great bunch in this matter, and have sent your support along the way. I can't thank you enough for keeping me going this long, and I'm sorry to let you down like this, but I'd rather be honest about all of this, and just get everything out in the open. This was all entirely my fault :(

Once again, thanks to everyone for your support. See you around the forums.


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I dont think youve made any enemies just because you don't have the time to make a crapload of DVD/Rs for fans. I'm a bit disappointed, yes, but I just used your refund to get a DVD, so its all good.


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Yeah, no worries, no enemies. We'll just have to wait until someone else can take up the job. Maybe when you get some time, you can help us find a replacement person.


dude, if there's anything to be embarassed for, it's to try to undertake such an operation alone. i salute your bravery, sir!


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I think people will remember you for what you did for the community, making these (apparently, I haven't seen them) great DVDs, not for the point that you hadn't the time to satisfy all demands. It was kind enough to do it in the first place.

P.S.: You may wonder why I'm writing this even though I never contacted you for the DVDs. Simple: your engagement should be honoured (and I think it is) and encouraged.


No worries man; I don't think people will fault you for trying to provide a really cool thing to the community!


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Just a note, once I get the updated 3 DVD sets and the PAL version (I will try to be European friendly!!) I will start taking over this process. I can't promise that I will be faster than he was or not but I will take this responsibility since I don't want to see the community lose out on this opportunity. I will be using Printable RITEK G03 DVD-R discs as I find these to be the best. I DON'T have a DVD+R recorder but I have not seen a single home player, XBox, PS2 or computer drive that cannot play these DVD-R discs. Once I receive everything from Commissar, I will post a notice here (I'll pre-record some since I bought 200 DVD-Rs in preparation) and then start taking orders.



This man has done a sterling job doing something that I would never have the patience to do myself. I feel that he has born the burden of this responsibility for too long. I too have a family and they would kill me if I said I was going to sit and make some DVD's for people.

Good effort brother

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No hard feelings here (of course, I got my DVDs...).

(Actually, if it turns out that no one can get anymore, I'll send mine on to whoever was next on your queue... I've got the original tapes, the mpegs and whatnot already and I'd be happy seeing someone else enjoy the series.)


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I have tried to make my own but the avi's take up a huge amount of space as mpegs, I can only fit 3 per DVD. Also on a tv they are very ummm blocky and scratchy would be the best description. Almost like it was formated for a small screen. (which I'm sure it was) I am using the hi-res ones. Any ideas? Commissar how did you go about it?



Thanks for understanding, guys!


*Just for the record, my electricity and phone lines have been out for 3 days, following the worst bout of severe weather and tornadoes this region has seen in 25+ years. I would have replied before now, if I could have ^_^*

The DVD making process, while simple, was very time-consuming. Erkle, all I did was take the AVI's, record the audio independent of the video, then merge the audio and video into a Quicktime movie file. Once I have a Quicktime movie, it's a quick hop, skip, and jump over to iDVD, which I use to burn with. It's easy.. yet can take hours for one disc on a bad day :-(

NoMention, your stuff will go out TOMORROW, promise!!

And to everyone else.. thanks for understanding. The stress has lifted so much the past few days... and I have you all to thank for it :)


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I don't think anyone is torked because you bit off more than you could chew. Most people that do that choke. :D


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Okay, well how does this sound: You've saved the disc images on your computer, I assume, so you can probably just check around on the CZ and find someone with a DVD writer and some available time to set their machine to copying the ISOs to the discs and take over for you.


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Yes, that is exactly what I am going to do. I just got back from Florida on business so the discs that I received from Commissar might be waiting for me. I will check tonight when I get home from work. I will make an announcement post (that hopefully someone here can make as sticky) and begin taking orders. I've got plenty of drive space and plenty of blank discs. I'll still offer NTSC and PAL versions as well with DVD cases and art or just DVDs and jewel cases (for the lesser price). I do work full time so I don't know what kind of turn-around I will have from order to shipment but I hope that it is within 3-4 days. I should be able to crank out 3-4 sets a night and if things start getting backed up, I can just go out and get another recorder to help ease the process.

Stay Tuned