WC4DVD bug: choice text in cutscenes remains after choosing

Mister Scratch

Like, when I first start and it offers "help him out" or "straighten him out", both options remain onscreen as the video continues after I've chosen, and when the next choice appears the text just appears on top of the previous text and both remain until I take off with Maniac. The text goes away when switching to gameflow or flight modes but this problem happens in every cutscene with a choice and while it's mostly tolerable since many cutscenes have only one choice or zero choices, I would really like a solution by the time I get to the finale with the long string of choices when debating the villain.

I'm running the GOG version in win10, if that makes any difference. I also attempted to use DxWnd to run it in a window, and part of that involved nuking the compatibility options on the exe, but I've reinstalled the game since then and also manually set it to win98 compatibility mode. I'm not sure if that restored EVERY compatibility tweak though...


Use this patch

you may chose the renderer that is compatible with your win 10 machine by editing the renderer.cfg file inside.
-legacy (DirectX)
-ddraw (DirectDraw)

For video, you may chose which one is compatible, but this is mostly a codec issue, so i suggest installing the full K-lite codec pack

evr is internal player, vmr7offscreen is the default WCIV player