WC4 Movie Ripping Stuff!!!!

Zor Prime

That guy.
OK OK OK....Don't get too excited yet. Before I post this package, I have a legal question to ask.

Loaf could probably answer this. Would it be legal to include xanmovie with this package?
No, you can't post the Xanmovie player for download. That's one thing Origin has been very specific about in the past.
Is that a device to extract the movies in WC IV?
(yes, I'm a poor lonesome Internet ignorant... please enlighten me... :))
Of course LOAF will have to answer this himself, but I think sending the movies to other WC4 owners should be OK. As for sending Xanmovie with it, I don't think so.
You can post the movies -- Origin won't mind, since they're not the full game or anything. You can't post Xanmovie, because it's something that Origin made available only because it was under liscense to them...

(Xanmovie is a movie player for playing WC4 movies -- it's no longer necessary, since the .dll to make it play in Windows Media Player is now available for download).
I ordered WCIV DVD-edition in the US. My question is, if it's required that I use a Creative DVD-ROM and decoder card?

And where do I find the .dll for the Windows Media Player?

(Is there a better version of the WC3 movies than in KS or WC3 itself?)

You can play the movies themselves without the decoder -- and it's *possible* to play the game without it in some circumstances, although very difficult.

The best publically available WC3 movies come from the 3DO version of the game.

The Xanmovie .dll is available in the CIC March Archive.
Thanx, but that raises my next question...
Which versions of the games are the best ones?

WC1 - Sega CD..? (you told me that it's with full speech)
WC2 - KS
WC3 - 3DO

Are there any different releases of the other games..?

(sorry, I know that's a little bit off-topic - but it itches too much - although it's 4.43 a.m. in germany now)

There was no DVD version of WC3 -- just WC4 (commercially available) and WCP (exists, but not published).

The *best* games are generally the PC ones -- for example, WC1 SegaCD may have full speech, but flying is *VERY* hard with a Genesis controller. :)

The 3DO version has excellent movies -- but the game engine itself is far worse than the PC version.

There are, though, lots of platform WCs...

WC1 - PC, Amiga, CD32, SNES, SegaCD, FM Towns, Mac, 3DO.
WC2 - PC, FM Towns.
WC3 - PC, PSX, 3DO, Mac.
WC4 - PC, PSX, Mac.
Armada - PC, FM Towns.
Na - I'm just interested in the pros and contras of the different releases.
Is there anything special like the better movies in WC3-3DO or the full speech in WC1-SegaCD.

/me is looking hopefully to LOAF to get an answer :)

Allright, then... we'll use the PC as the benchmark, and compare everything else thereto?


Pros: Better Music, rotating ships in 'Sim.
Cons: 16-color graphics.

Pros: Better music, rotating ships in 'Sim.

Pros: Extra intro and takeoff scenes in SM1 release.
Cons: 16 color graphics, hard to control, ships doubled.

Pros: Full speech.
Cons: Hard to control.

FM Towns
Pros: Better music.
Cons: Try finding an FM Towns <G>

Pros: All new graphics, full speech, 3D movies, new dialogue.
Cons: All new graphics.

Pros: All new graphics, full speech, 3D movies, new dialogue.
Cons: All new graphics, hard to control.

WC2 -

FM Towns
Pros: Possible better music, possible full speech.
Cons: Try finding an FM Towns.

WC3 -

Pros: Better quality movies, extra scenes.
Cons: Crappy 3D engine. Hard to control. Doesn't run on PSX2.

Pros: Better quality movies, extra scenes, different mission layouts.
Cons: WC2 style engine. Hard to control.

Exactly the same as PC.

WC4 -

Pros: Cool black CDs. One different movie.
Cons: Hard to control, slow.

Exactly the same as PC.


FM Towns
Exactly the same as PC.
Oh, yeah, I've got lots of those games -- although I've set up systems for most of them (not the Amiga, or the FM Towns).
To set up a cheap Amiga, you can legally purchase an Amiga Kickstart ROM, and then download one of the freely-available Amiga emulators. If you can then get your hands on Amiga WC disks, and transfer them to your computer, you're all set :).

Well, here ya go. Everything you need to get what you want. I can't put xanmovie in it, so if you don't already have it, (it came w/ KS) download the codec for the windows media player. I don't think there will be any sound though if you do it that way. Make sure you read the readme file, otherwise you probably won't get this to work right.

Since geocities is gay, you must right click on the link and select 'save target as'. :( Or you can just get it off a special spot on my site! http://www.geocities.com/zor_prime_007/index.html

Download it here:


Have fun with it and tell me how it works for you.

Disclaimer: I didn't make any of this. It's all freeware/shareware. The authors mentioned themselves in each of their works, except for tre2list which was done by non other than HCL himself.

Oh and one other thing. Would the CIC like to post this in the files section?