WC4 Movie cockpit screen (CG Modeler?)


Hey guys, some of you may remember me for my just started WC4 Movie project. I had to take some time off for school but now I'm back and ready to get to it. I've come up with a method, inspired by Queeg, that I think will allow me to make my spaceflight wide screen. Rather than use Queeg's method of simply superimposing the two images, using after effects I can actually trace out the space and put in real game spaceflight in 100% opacity. There still are a few kins to work out, as you'll see in the pic.

The reason I put CG modeler? in the title is because I thought maybe someone would be able to draw something to put the enemy ship status icon in, since that part of the HUD in the video file is basically see-through, and wouldn't match the rest of the in game flight. and also maybe something to cover the top as well.

Anyway, let me know what you guys think. Thanks!


Also, the footage used there had already been converted to wide screen. I might try another pass tomorrow with the original full screen image.



Well, I've worked all day today, and here's a small video to show the cockpit i figured out in action. I had to only use a single frame, because I can't have the lights moving the wrong direction from the spaceflight, so i know it looks a bit odd that way, but let me know what you think, and anything i can do to improve it.




Wow, I"m surprised I made front page....

anyway, thank you NinjaLA. That shows the power of after effects.

I really could use some comments to help me out, and I would like a 3D artist to help me with better designed vdus. I think a full panel across the bottom for comm, radar and enemy display would be good, with two screens hanging from the top for weapons and speed. I don't think it's practical to try and put your ship status in one, since that shares screen space with comm, but if anyone has any ideas about that, surely tell me.

Anyway, hopefully some comments will come in soon, I've seen that this part of the forum (fan projects) has been kinda dead for the past couple days, so hopefully the front page coverage will bring some people over here.

Thanks again!


I just keep going

Well, I just don't like to wait, so I've made another version, this one has screen for every VDU except the radar, because as I found out, that one's too hard to lay into a screen, because so much of it is transparent, it would take forever to paint out the background behind it and key framing that and all...... well, that would just be a mess.

So I did the same thing as before, but cloned the display twice more and hung them from the ceiling, and cut off half the top. I also made the spaceflight perfectly square and expanded it to fit the window, so some of the top was cut off, and the recticle is not in the center, let me know if that makes it just awful....

Anyway, enough rambling, you can see it for yourself at the bottom here!


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