WC4 Freezes at First Dialogue Choice


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Hey Gang,

Now that I beat WC3 I wanted to play WC4 (of course). The intro plays fine (in all it's DVD quality glory), until I get to the first dialogue choice ("Help him out" vs. "straighten him out"). I can switch between the two choices with audio saying the two choices, but once I select one of them the game freezes up. If I hit ctrl-alt-dlt to bring up the task manager and try to access then I get sent to a black screen forcing me to hit ctrl-alt-dlt again and sign out and then sign-in again to get back to desktop.

I tried this about a dozen times and a couple of times I made it to the next choice (confront Seether or not), but then the freezing happened again.

Windows 10 system using GOG version via GOG galaxy.

Any help from the community would be appreciated.
This sounds like a familiar error from when we were testing the DVD patch. If it freezes after the first video plays.... anyway, I'm heading out for a little while but can look into it a bit more later. It's related to codecs and possibly compatability modes IIRC.
Here's a bit of a troubleshooting guide I wrote for the GOG version a while back: https://www.wcnews.com/news/2012/04/07/quelling-problems-with-the-border-worlds .

You should also try updating your GOG install with the patch found here http://download.wcnews.com/files/wing4/wc4gog_1.0.2_test1.zip
🙂Thanks for your help AD...but I got it working a couple of hours ago. I re-installed the k-lite codec pack and used it's tweak feature to apply fixes and everything has been good. Now if only I could get the WCP DVD movies to play in fullscreen; a battle for another day!
Movie decoding was what I ran into for my Wine play-through as well. In the end I just resorted to manually watching the movies in VLC separate to the rest of the game.