WC4 Dragon Fighter poster


Rear Admiral
Hello all

A year or two ago I saw a promo poster for Wing Commander 4 for sale on ebay. It was a picture of the Black Lance Dragon fighter from the game. I think it had specs and information about the ship on it too.

I was going to bid on it back then but it went for a crazy price, as far as i can remember.

Does anyone know anything about this poster? If someone could post a scan id really appreciate it.
I have one of those at home somewhere -- Captain Johnny gave it to me.

It's a two-page magazine advertisement for Wing Commander IV PSX. It's styled as a "car advertisement" for the Lance fighter, with specifications (which were from the game) and a few 'features' (leather seats and fuel efficiency, IIRC).

I can see about scanning it at some point in the near future.