WC4 Demos


Has anyone had any luck getting either of the WC4 demos working in DOSBOX?

If so could you post repro steps here?


Petty Officer
WC3 demo has a speed check that prevents it if DOSBox is too quick. Try setting your CYCLES to 7000 and it should load fine.

WC4 demo hates EMS; disable it in DOSBox and it should run!
yes youre right .. wc4 demo works fine by disabled EMS👌 .. Thank you for the tips .. perfect 👍
wc3 demo runs too ✌ with your settings


Petty Officer
There seems to be another requirement for this demo, in DOSBOX all its files must be located in the directory of C:\WC4DEMO\
C:\WC4DEMO\WC4DEMO.EXE This is correct.
C:\WC4DEMOFULL\WC4DEMO.EXE It's not working!