WC4 Delay in movie after dialogue choice


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Hey guys,

I decided to try out WC4 GOG version after many years sitting in my library. It's the DVD version I'm trying. It takes 10+ seconds for the movie to continue playing after selecting a dialogue choice. In that time it just appears to be frozen from the point you select the dialogue choice. After that period, it then resumes without any interaction. It also freezes 10+ seconds after the video plays from the 1st dialogue choice (after straightening or helping out the vet) where it then switches to the bartenders face.

Is there a way to solve this on the DVD version?


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Installing the game to an SSD can help if that's an option for you. Turning off uneccessary codecs and making sure the ones you do have are optimized/updated as Whistler suggested is a good plan as well. Some newer versions of codecs make better use of 64bit and multithreading.


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Just tried, didn't help :(

Also didn't make a difference. :(

I assumed but I should ask... this is a relatively new PC running win10?

The delay is because the DVD version is loading a separate video file for each alternate part of the movie. Why it's so long on your setup I couldn't tell you. However there are some alternate rendering modes that could either fix, or be a problem with your setup. IIRC you can swap between opengl and directdraw rendering modes which could possibly affect how fast videos load if your PC is doing a bunch of mode switching every time a video loads. Turning hardware acceleration on or off for dvd or mpeg2 playback could also affect load times.

Some old but possibly useful info on fixes for various WC4 GOG version things can be found here. You might try experimenting with the CPU affinity fix. https://www.wcnews.com/news/2012/04/07/quelling-problems-with-the-border-worlds

Also you can try updating to a newer version of the GOG patch:
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Yes <2yr old machine running W10. I went straight for the GOG patch at it did the business. Thanks!

Excellent! Glad you got it going. I also appreciate people letting us know what worked or didn't because it gives us a better pool of understanding should someone else come by with a similar problem.