WC3 Themed Music Video Released (April 4, 2005)

Cpl Hades

Mr. Kat
It's the sort of thing that I'm surprised people don't create more often, but Plywood Fiend has created a WC music video featuring footage from WC3 extracted using HCl's movie player with Tourniquet by Evanescence for the video's music. It's slightly fuzzy due to the low resolution of the original videos, but that aside it's an interesting piece. You can download the 6 meg file here.

If you're interested in movie videos, the only similar work that I've been able to find was released almost exactly two years ago here. Perhaps this will inspire people to make more.

Original update published on April 4, 2005
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Excuse my ignorance, but is there now Teen Angst in Wing Commander?
Don't know what that was all about but I enjoyed the video. I have a question what settings did you use to encode the video because 3 minutes of video at 6.47mb is freaking unbelievable! I'd really like to know so I can cut down the size of my own animations.
I made the video on windows movie maker, when you save movie files there there's an option to reduce the file size at the expense of picture quality. I had to do that because i'm cursed with a dial up modem.

Judging by the use of assorted computing terminology in your post it seems that you seek a more specific or technical explination, unfortunately i have none.

In any case, glad you enjoyed.
I just watched both the Wing Commander 3 and 4 ones. Absolutely awesome! Especially the "woohoo" one. The music fitted in perfect with the explosions and action.
The Wing Commander 3 had to be my favourite. The music (I'm more of a Trance/Dance type myself so I've never heard that song or anything in it's genre) was great! It worked in so well with the game and really got you into the dark mood that the game set. Brough back quite a few memories. :)
There is only a couple things I could offer for a suggestion is: it'd be good to see some included footage from the extended version of Wing Commander 3 (the T-Bomb run etc) as there was some awesome action in those. However I understand it might be hard because of their low quality compared to what can be extracted from the game itself.
It'd also be nice to see high-res versions but it's understandable that is quite hard behind a dial up modem. Either way fantastic effort! I love them! 8)
Your movie and your fiction writing are absolutely amazing. The choice of music complemented it perfectly.
Yes, I was a bit too harsh with my judgment. It seems you are skilled in video-editing. But it's just my "duty" as so-called Metalhead to despite emotional hardcore or anything mallcore. :p
Thanks all, i'm going to be submitting a higher quality version next week when i find myself before a broadband weilding pc. I'll also be including a bizzare tribute to Thrakhath.

Now all i need to do is wait two hours or so for the wc4 one to download. Damn dial up modems.

P.S. No hard feelings Malar, and no offence taken. Like Marmite or stingrays, Evanescence is a love it or hate it kind of thing. I like the angsty puffs picture.