WC3 Review Covers PSX Highs and Lows (January 12, 2019)


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OurStorySoFar has posted a video review of Wing Commander 3. This one focuses on the Playstation port. While this is decidedly not the best version of the game, there's some neat things such as color VDUs and other interface changes that are interesting to see if you're most familiar with the PC version. The author specifically cites inclusion of the Hobbes explanation clip as one of the reasons to play it on consoles and describes their exclusion on PC as a 'bug'. Amazingly, this was a conscious decision due to disc space limitations, but being able to see all of the extra scenes is definitely a plus here. You might consider going for the 3DO version if you're going to try a port out though. The game was actually enhanced in a variety of ways to better suit the console pacing there - in addition to the extra video content.

Original update published on January 12, 2019


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Hey guys! I'm the editor of the video, thanks for sharing the post! :)

I was hesitant to call the Hobbes footage a "bug" in my video, because I always thought there were other choices that lead to the clip being left out, but recent research (Wikipedia) seemed to call it a bug! I knew I should've stuck with what I remembered! haha... oh well, this isn't meant to be the definitive look back at WC3 on the PlayStation or anything, just a fond remembrance.

Thanks again for sharing - your continued efforts to make DAILY posts on WCNews.com DO NOT go un-noticed. Keep up the great work!