WC3 [GOG version] running on P233


Hi all,

a VERY long time ago, i bought the WC3 and did run it flawlessly on my (then) pc without to much issues. Fast forward a number of years and i can't find my CD anymore so i bought the game on GOG, thinking i could play it on my Libretto 110CT.

Of course, as GOG repackages the game with DosBox, i then took the non-dosbox files and moved them over to the HDD on the libretto (c:\games\wc3 directory). I'm running the machine using windows 98 but i make sure to (try to) start the game under DOS.

Starting it up with "wc3 -install" it goes through all settings (so SVGA, Soundblaster pro music/audio, etc). Everything works fine so far and sound is playing as it should.

After saving the settings and trying to start the game, one of two (three) things usually happens:

- it tells me that an "exception 13" has occured
- it tells me that there's someting wrong with the CD (which i of course do not have since everything is installed on the drive)
(- on rare occations, i get a series of vertical dots to the left of the screen and the rest of the screen remains black).

Is it at all possible to run this game without CD somehow?

I did a search here first of course, but i could not find the exact issue (but of course, i might have missed it?)