WC3 for Win95?


Is there a Patch for WC3 for Win95, like WC4 somewhere, or is it only in the "Kilrathi Saga"?


PS: Is there an Intersite with Information about KS? On the Origin-Site I found nothing!
WC3 for Win95 can only be found on the KS.
Regarding finding info on KS, what do you want to know? I can already tell you that the only place you`ll find it is at eBay - for no less than 200$
Oh, don't scare him Mad Hatter, KS usually goes for around $100 or less. The ocasionall $200-$300 auctions are pretty rare.
And that`s supposed to be reassuring?
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100 USD? Are they completly NUTS????????
I think Origin is a little bit about the earth! What Big-Hit they released in the past?
WC3? Yes!
WC4? Yes!
WC5? Yes!
Privateer2 Yeno! (Means Yes&No)
Crusader? No!
Ultima IX? Def. No!
So I think it's time for WC6 to earn money!
Anyway, I want to know some more about KS: Screenshots, Techs & more! A link?

Hmm, you seem to misunderstand. It's not Origin that's charging $100. Basically, this game's so rare that people auctioning their copies off can demand any amount of money. Hence the $100+. If you find it in a store, it will be at a normal price - I bought mine for 65 Singapore dollars, which would probably be somewhere in the thirties for US dollars. But that was a few years back, and it was the only time I ever saw it in a store

Why do you want screenshots? KSaga is just WC1, 2, and 3 converted to Win95. Nothing more, nothing less (actually, quite a bit less, to be honest). Oh yes, and there's a rather nice calendar with it.

Hmm... are you implying, BTW, that Crusader wasn't a hit? I might just kill you for that remark.
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To Quarto: Yes, Crusader is mediocre & was not a bestseller! Why Origin develops not an 3D-Shooter in the Wing Commander Universe, or a Strategy-Game? They could expand the WC-Universe!

Another Question about KS: Need I Slow-Down Tools for KS, or is it slow enough on a PIII-600?

Watch your back,
There is a strategy WC game - Armada.

Regarding speed problems, AFAIK, only WC2 cutscenes are a bit problematic, since Origin didn`t bother slowing them down like the rest of the game. I don`t really know how bad it is on a P600, but on my P266 they were only slightly fast. You can use a little program called Turbo, available at the files section, to slow it down.
You're the only one that thinks so, Felidae. Both No Remorse and No Regret sold... a lot... of copies, and I've yet to see a bad review for either of them. Media hype aside, I personally loved both and wish they made the third part, but that's just me
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