WC3 Afterburners


I am using the mouse interface in WC3 because of its faster turn rate then the keyboard, but I cannot afterburn using the tab or ~ key with the mouse enabled. This is the only function that does that when I switch to using the mouse. The only way to afterburn is to double click the right mouse button and hold it, but you cannot change directions with afterburning. Is there a way to after burn using the keyboard with the mouse config? Thanks.


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I original played WC3 with mouse as well but never had much problem with the afterburner key. Now I have a joystick so I do not know what could be the problem. Have you send this threat to the Tech Discussion Forum??


I played WC3 with the mouse the last time (my joystick is long overdue for retirement (made in '94) & I don't need a new one for any of the new games I like to play) , but I didn't have the problem you're describing.
Are you using WC3 for DOS or the Kilrathi Saga version ?


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Usually I got this issue with the joystick: Double-klick & hold button 2 to afterburn, but inability to change course while button is held.

Using the TAB key to afterburn solved the issue for me, but I'm not sure if this works with the mouse setup.


I am using the dos version. With the two ships, I forget what two, that you can slide with (CAPS Lock) I can then use the afterburners(TAB) and manuever at the same time. Since I cannot slide with the other ships, the tab key does nothing when I am using the mouse.