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Here's another glorious pair of scans that LOAF just made. It's the advertising slick from Japan. This sell sheet would have been circulated to stores and other outlets in mid 1996 to promote the Japanese language conversion of the game for Playstation. It was apparently scheduled for a September 13 release (compared with March 27 for the English version). There's some absolutely gorgeous Excalibur art here along with plenty of text highlights. This would have certainly hyped me up for the game!

The live image Google Translator on this is pretty wild:

A huge story that takes place in space. A dogfight fighter that flies in galaxies. Bring your life to life with SFX Creatures that show strange movements... If only I was able to participate...
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That's some damn great high-resolution Excalibur here. I don't think I've ever seen that model before.


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〝ゲーム″と、〝映画″の枠を超えた、 時代を動かすエンタテインメント。
Time-changing entertainment that goes beyond the boundaries of games and movies.

宇宙を舞台に繰り広げられる壮大なストーリー。銀河を飛行する戦闘機のドッグファイト。SFXによって命を吹き込まれ、奇妙な動きを見せるクリーチヤー…。時代を経るごとに撮影.編集技術は高まり、映画はより一層、私たちの想像力を搔き立ててくれる。けれど、それはスクリーンの向こう側での話。そんな映画の世界に、いつもはスクリーンを眺めて いるだけの自分が、参加できるとしたら…。
An epic story set in space. Dog fight with jet fighters flying through the galaxy. Creechers that come to life through SFX and behave strangely... Filmed through the ages. Editing techniques have increased, and movies have become more and more exciting to our imagination. However, this is a story for the other side of the screen. What if you could participate in such a world, where you are usually the only one looking at the screen?

1995年、まったく新しいコンセプトの基に制作されたゲームソフトが、全米で発売された。自分が映画の主人公になり、自分の判断よって、その後のストーリーを大きく変えることができる。パッビーエンド(ハッピーエンド?)になるのも,バッドエンドになるのも、プレイヤーの操作に掛かっているというわけだ。このゲームソフト…『ウイングコマンターⅢ』は、ストーリーの進行にインタラクティブ性を加えたフライトシミュレーシヨンゲームである。宇宙を航行する戰艦内を舞台に、人間関係の衝突、 恋愛、トラブルの発生など、複雑なドラマが展開していく。狂暴なエイリアンの襲来によって、戰争を余儀なくされた地球連邦軍。ゲームを手にしたプレイヤーは、地球の運命を背負うエースパイロットとなって、物語の世界に入り込み、登場人物の一員となる。果たして、勝利を手にすることができるのか?物語の結末は、プレイヤーの手で創っていくのだ。
In 1995, a game software based on a completely new concept was released in the United States. You become the protagonist of the movie, and depending on your decisions, you can drastically change the story that follows. Whether the story ends in a habby ending or a bad ending depends on the player's decisions. "Wing Commanter III" is a flight simulation game that adds a touch of interactivity to the storyline. A complex drama of conflicting relationships, romance and trouble is played out inside a space-faring warship. The Terran Confederation Forces are forced to fight an invasion of ferocious aliens. With the game in hand, Player becomes an ace pilot of the Earth's destiny, and enters the world of the story and becomes one of its characters. Will he be able to win the game? The ending of the story is created by the player.

マーク ハミル (ブレア大佐)
Mark Hamill (Colonel Blair)

ジョン リス=デイビス (パラディン大将)
John Rhys-Davies (General Paladin)

マルコム マクドワィル (ドルウィン提督)
Malcolm McDowell (Admiral Tolwyn)

New ideas and technology giving birth to a new world.

『ウイングコマンターⅢ』の物語を演ぜているのは、総勢20名の俳優たち。主人公のエースパイロットには、SF映画からブロードウェイのミュージカルまで,さまざまな舞台で活躍するマーク ハミル。地球連邦軍提督に『時計じかけのオレンジ』で怪演を見せたマルコム マクドウェル。また、宇宙空母ビクトリーの乗組員として『バック トゥ ザ フューチヤー』シリーズのビフ役でおなじみトム ウィルソンなと、 ハリウッドの第一練で活躍する名優たちが顔を揃えている。
A total of 20 actors perform the story of "Wing Commander III". The ace pilot is Mark Hamill, who has appeared on a variety of stages, from science fiction films to Broadway musicals. Malcolm McDowell, who gave a monstrous performance in A Clockwork Orange, is the Terran Confederation Forces Admiral. And Tom Wilson, known for his role as Biff in the "Back to the Future" series, as a member of the crew of the Battlestar Victory spacecraft, and other great actors who have been active in the first wave of Hollywood.

Another actor featured in the film was the SFX-activated alien "Kilrah". The special effects staff created a perfectly moving face for the Kilrah. The eyes, mouth, cheeks, etc. can be moved by computer manipulation, and once the alien's movements are memorized, he is able to repeat the same act over and over again.

撮影終了後,制作 監督を担当したクリス,ロバーツは、こう語った。『今まで〝インタラクティブ ムービー″って言われても、その実体は不明だった。「ウイングコマンダーⅢ」がその答えだよ』
After filming was completed, Chris Roberts, production manager, said, "I've never seen an 'interactive movie' before. Until now, when people said 'interactive movie', we didn't know what it was. 'Wing Commander III' is the answer.


Warriors with a mission to fly in the pitch-black galaxy.

The war between the Kilrah Empire and the Terran Confederation has been raging for many years.
In recent years, the Kirlar Empire's onslaught has left the Terran Confederation Forces in a difficult position.
Colonel Blair, the ace pilot of the Terran Confederation Forces, has been in the midst of a battle.
Together with the aging aircraft carrier Victory, they achieve a localized victory. However, the Terran Confederation forces continue to be defeated in the face of the onslaught of the Kilrah Empire.

You can't experience this excitement in a movie theater.

PSマクおよび プレイステーション は ソニー コンビュータエンタテインメントの商標です。
PS mark and PlayStation are trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment.

CD-ROM 4枚組 価格7,800円〖税抜〗
Software for PlayStation
"Wing Commander III"
Scheduled to be released on Friday, September 13th
Set of 4 CD-ROMs Price 7,800 yen (excluding tax)
Fully dubbed in Japanese

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P.S. Although manual adjustmant is needed, DeepL is a great translation engine!
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