WC2 French Conversion Patch

A while back I noticed there was a German language patch available for Wing Commander 2 and decided to do the same for the French version of the game.

Just unzip this file to the Wing Commander 2 directory and play. Floppy disk versions must already be installed on the hard drive, although the zip will translate the installation menu text as well. Note that this only alters subtitles (both cinematics and in flight) and not speech. It's always a good idea to create a backup copy before overwriting too.

If someone with WCPedia access would add an entry, that you be appreciated. Thank you.

Wc2frenchpatch01.gif Wc2frenchpatch02.gif Wc2frenchpatch03.gif Wc2frenchpatch07.gif


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Nice. I wasn't aware that WC2 had been translated to French as well.
Is it just for the base game or the expansions aswell? :)


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Hey, nice work. As @Quarto did (at least in the past), I'm trying to get into the habit of playing/watching things with French sub-titles if they are available. I like that the screen shots provided are from one of the few scenes with spoken lines so they're pretty much ingrained into memory and I can link the words together. I'm always interested to see how lines come across in a proper localisation instead of direct word-for-word translation, eg today I learned head-to-head isn't necessarily supposed to mean a head-butting confrontation!

It's also funny imagining how Blair's voice actor's strong accent would translate into the spoken French dialogue!