WC1,WC2,WcArmada - Help Me!!!!!


OK I'm just about at busting point here! I recently picked up WC1+2 and also WC Armada but I can't get them to run cos they want that darn conventional mem. They're lookin' for 586k of it no matter how hard I try I can't get to that point. I've messed around with my config.sys file and no matter what I do to it I can't get to the magic number. I managed to get WC1 working once but it was completely unplayable cos of the speed but it wouldn't work again after I closed it. I think there is a little program which swithes something off in the windows enviroment so it will play at a reasonable speed:slowdos or something like that. I'd really appreciate someones help in getting them to work. I'll update this soon with my current config.sys and autoexec.bat settings. All games are on CD. Can someone help me? PLeeeeeaase!!
Wait for Stinger, he's realy good with this stuff. I had the same problem with Privateer, but he managed to helped me. First thing you could do would be to copy the .TRE files from the CDs (if the games are on CDs) to the directory where the games are instaled, and then you can remove the lines about your CD drive from autoexec.bat, and config.sys. And you should post the autoexec, and config files here.

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OK, basic info we need. Autoexec.bat and Config.sys files (copy the text out and post it). You may be able to run these games in windows (I don't think anyone has gotten Armada to work though...) but it will be easier to switch to DOS. The easiest way for you to slow down your computer (in DOS, don't use it in windows because it slows it down to a rather unworkable speed...) is to use a program called MOSLO, go to a place like download.com and grab that. Once you post the above info we can help you more.


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Okay, here we go.

In addition to posting your config.sys and autoexec.bat files, I'd like you to post your dosstart.bat file, which you'll find in the C:\Windows directory.

Once that is done, we'll begin constructing a shortcut that will reboot your system to DOS, hopefully giving you more than enough free conventional memory to play the game. You may end up having to copy the games to your hard drive if your CD-ROM drivers are too large, but don't worry about that just yet.

As for slowing down the performance once in DOS, TC is right: you'll want to use Mo'Slo. You can find the Mo'Slo page at http://www.hpaa.com/moslo . Just make sure you don't run this in Windows; if you do, it'll just slow your entire system down, and that's not what we want.