WC1/WC2 module?

Since we got pretty much all the WC1 and WC2 models in, how about making related missions?

Off-flight: WC1 had 5 rooms (bar, barracks, score screen, medal screen, and briefing). Total four "fixers" (Shotglass, pilot 1, pilot 2, and plot progression). WC2 for this matter was even simpler as it had the save/load room, the plot door, and the mission door.

In-Flight: the systems were mostly empty with a few asteroids or minefields around.). Not a lot of difference between WC1 and WC2 mechanics wise, except for torpedos and turrets. The in-flight cutscenes can be replaced with mission text in flight. Missions were also very easy in general. All that it would take would be to simulate 1 empty system for WC1 and 2 empty systems for WC2 (since sometimes you need to perform a jump).

This doesn't have to be super precise, for ex. the flight simulator can be dropped (or made to be its own mission series).

just a thought....