WC1 graphics improvement


Came across a page with a number of fan projects including an unfinished (at time of last page update) graphics mod or patch that also increased resolution as well as improving the ship sprites, it also claimed they would begin work on one for WC2 once the WC1 patch was complete. I have been unable to find it again although I think it was on a page from the WC Revival site but if so it can no longer be reached through the current site. Does anyone know if it was ever finished or if it is still in development?
I believe that it was HCL who was trying to improve the old 320X200X8bit graphics to 640X480X8bit. I do not know whether or not he is still working on it.
Ravenous, don't feel too bad...I just recently installed "Unknown Enemy", a fan-made mod for Secret Ops, in which you use WC1-2 era fighters against Kilrathi raiders and Nephilim, with a Bengal-class carrier (like the Tiger's Claw) as your home. It plays like Prophecy of course, but the music and ships give it that WC1 nostalgic feeling! You should try it.