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Good Evening all!

It's been a long time since I last posted on here, and it seems to me that the last time I did it was the exact opposite of what I'm asking tonight.

I'm looking at selling off my collection (due to space issues at home, I no longer have room to store what I used to and I would rather have my stuff go to someone who will appreciate rather than sit in a box), but I don't know the value of things anymore (due to being out of the loop for so long), so I want to turn to the WC Community for some advice (Not looking to solicit on here (although I wouldn't say no to a reasonable offer from someone in the community), just asking for reasonable asking prices for some items).

The items I am looking to sell are as follows, can people give me a general idea of what a reasonable asking price would be for each item (Item conditions are excellent (as in very little wear) unless noted)?

Wing Commander III: Premiere Edition (sans Fleet Action novel and shirt) (Everything else is there and in excellent condition)
Wing Commander (European Amiga release) (Box has a little wear to it, but everything is there)
WC Movie: Pilgrim Cross (Box is a little worn, but contents are like new)
Wing Commander: Kilrathi Saga (Everything included and in good shape, but the box has quite a bit of wear to it)
Wing Commander IV (Slipcover original release)
Wing Commander (Sega CD version. One of the hinges is broken on the cover)
Wing Commander III
Wing Commander II: Deluxe Edition (CD Version) (Big Box Version, Not the Gold Release)
Wing Commander II: Speech Pack (Sealed and like it just came off the shelf)
Wing Commander II (Sealed and like it just came off the shelf)
Wing Commander: Deluxe Edition (CD Version) (Big Box Version)
Wing Commander (Sealed and like it just came off the shelf)
Wing Commander II: Speech Pack (5.25 Version. Box is in very rough shape)
Wing Commander: Privateer: Speech Pack (3.5 Version)

I also have the discs for both Secret Missions and Special Operations packs (Mix of 3.5 and 5.25) and a WC3 3D0 that is missing a disc (stupid microplay), if somebody wants them and is willing to pay the postage.

Thanks for all of your help! The WC community has been the one I've been a part of the longest and it saddens me to do this, but alas.


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I guess all of us are just in shock to see such a collection going up for bid...we have no words...

As for values, they are, of course, priceless! :p

J "Phantom" D

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I can imagine. It is quite the collection.

After much thinking and discussing with my wife, we've decided to hold on to the sealed WC1 & WC2, but are still looking to clear the shelves. I really want these to go to someone who will appreciate them, and not just some joe-blow who doesn't appreciate this wonderful series. If anyone here is interested, I haven't put anything up on Ebay yet, and I'd be more than willing to give you guys first chances at them. If you send me a reasonable offer, I am likely to accept, as it would be easier than dealing through ebay and I know you guys would appreciate them.

I could even provide pictures if people want to see what condition everything is in prior to making an offer. Just post here or PM me.

Bandit LOAF

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$50-$75 for a Pilgrim Cross that isn't in a mint box.

The cross, the sealed games (~50 ea.) and the Kilrathi Saga (~$150) are probably your valuable ones. The rest would all be $20 and under.

J "Phantom" D

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Thanks Loaf.

There you are people! I will probably be putting these up on next Monday, so if you want something PM me and we'll go from there.

Bandit LOAF

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I know you decided not to sell them, but I’d be interested in the sealed games (WC2, Speech Pack and WC1) and depending on the condition of the boxes the two deluxe editions and the WC3 3DO. I’m putting together a WC library for the office.

J "Phantom" D

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I will send you pictures of all the requested items via PM tomorrow.

You're right in that I have decided to hold onto the 2 Sealed full games (WC1 and 2), but I am still selling the Speech Pack. I will set these aside for you for the time being and after reviewing the pictures, you can let me know from there.

Mace, if you're interested in the Pilgrim Cross, I can put that aside for you. Sent you a PM about it.



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I'm interested in the KS set, but not interested to the price it's worth.
What I mean by that is that I bought the KS on original release, lent it and the rest of my WC collection to a friend years later (with the explicit explanation that these were my pride and joy) and he took 2 years to give them back. I remember almost going into shock when I really pressed him on why he couldn't just get them for me and he said "Because they are in a plastic bag in my dad's loft (attic) and I don't know when I can get them".
When I got them back, it was mere remnants and only the 1st disc (without case) of the KS had survived. I don't actually know how I forgave him for this.

So I'd love a new copy, but with a wedding to pay for at the end of March, I really can't justify $150 on something like this.

Not sure why I just shared that. Felt cathartic though.

Bandit LOAF

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Flashpoint -- your best bet would be to watch eBay. Occasionally someone will sell everything except the first disc of KS... because the first disc is the valuable one. Or was back when KS was actually a rarity... it should lose its value soon!

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Loaf and Flashpoint,

I sent you both PMs with pictures.

Let me know if you're still interested, as I'm holding onto these before I put things up on ebay.

J "Phantom" D

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Okay guys,

I am going to put things up on Ebay shortly, so if there's any requests for things, let me know, and we can strike a deal perhaps.

Loaf, I have put aside all 3 sealed games, WC3 3D0 and the 2 Deluxes if you still want them. I need to know soon though. I sent you pictures of all the items via PM. Can you get back to me ASAP, so that I know you still want them?

Also, Mace has the Pilgrim Cross set aside for him, so that's off the block too.


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Just been browsing eBay for a big box version of WCIII, my goodness the originals are becoming hard to come by in England these days! I had a leak in my attic a few months back and although none of my game disks were ruined, the Victory Streak has been soaked through and the box is wrecked. I think I'm going to put together my entire collection and keep it in a safe or something.

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
That's what I'm looking at - putting together one absolutely cherry collection for my home and then one pretty nice one for the office.