WC TV show?


was reading a computer mag this week when I saw this story.

"Wing it

Chris Roberts' Famous Wing Commander Series of space flight and fight games is set to grace American TV, with a series that his own production company is working on. "

anybody know anything about this?

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On one note which mag was it from?
On another note we know but thanks for the info since its even more of a likly hood it may succed as more press = more viwers. (as long as it doesn't.....wc:the movie)


Well the thing about the show was reported on the CIC weeks ago. Back before LOAF started pointing out all of the WC pictures and references on the site.


dark Tower I was simply trying to get confermation on if it was true .

Bandit , it was in a british mag "Webuser" , it was just a small story in the corner of one of the pages, I normally wouldn't have seen it but was comeing back from london on the train so spent my time reading the magazines I bought.


I get every issue of webuser and its normally pritty good makeing sure things are offical. from the sounds of it though its only in the planning stage unless one of the major US networks agree to buy it , it won't get off the ground. thats just a guess though , not sure whats going on maybe bandit knows more.....

I just hope they don't go along the same path they did with the movie cause I won't watch it if they do.


Would someone please e-mail me to get me up to date to whats going on in the wing commander
(michealcarvalho@aol.com) I get so little real e-mails that I think I'm going nuts


Wrath, that is true-but isn't that the same for all shows? :)

But I somehow assume that they'll get it on a network. Roberts has this strange ability to get his stuff out there through one group or another. Of course, that's assuming more comes out about this later, but assuming it does, I figure it's probably a pretty sure thing.


skyfire yeah i'd expect it to get taken , Wing Commander is to good a trademark to pass up if a TV show is made.

its just a pitty the games seem to have stopped being made :/


yea, though it has potential, i don't c it on the networks. though there is hope on cable. TNT, TNN?, Sci-Fi,HBO, even TechTV are usually more willing to take risks to get ratings up. TNT and Sci-fi r obvious, as they r known for such things. While TNN is known for it's redneck tendancies, it does show star trek. HBO, well they pick up series every once in a while. TechTV, an odd choice i know, but they keep changing formats, almost daily, they might go for something such as that. doubtful. if all else fails, there is always places like atom films, or just doing it themselves.


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A WC show?

I would love to see a Wing Commander show, but please let it be somewhat different than the movie. The movie I did enjoy, but the kilrathi in the movie were really distasteful. I think that Sci-Fi or maybe TNN would pick up a new series.


"animated" screw that , if its animated it won't stand a chance. it'll be like the battle tech cartoon, and that was never really popular.

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Originally posted by Wrath
"animated" screw that , if its animated it won't stand a chance. it'll be like the battle tech cartoon, and that was never really popular.

Yeah, the only cartoon *ever* was the battle tech cartoon.