WC-Star Trek, how can they be linked?


wc is set in the 28th centuary while star trek is in the 24th centuary. Yet, the tech in Star Trek is more advanced than that of WC.:(
4 the new fan proj Time-Crisis, a group of Marines are transferred back through time into the 24Th centuary. So, in order to connect the history involved up, i need a storyline. Anyone with a storyline please dont hesitate to mail me.


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I'm Q, and I don't live in no Q Continuum :).

As for Star Trek, I don't see why you'd want to mix it in - the pain of doing this would far outweigh the positive reactions (because rather few people would be happy with such a mix).
If you really want to mess with time (which in itself is a rather troublesome thing to do), why don't you explore WC's own past? Confed had its first war against aliens (the Yan) in the 24th or 23rd century... I'm sure that would be a most interesting subject to look into, and the lack of info about that era would give you lots and lots of room for manoeuvring.

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I hate to bring this thing back, but then again, it is on the first page... <G>

If you really want to do this (and for some reason haven't yet :p), just take the easy way and make an interdimensional wormhole...thingy.

After all, Mike Wong did in Conquest :D

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Originally posted by Wedge009
Q continuum?

BTW, WC is in the 27th century. But I suppose the 'problem' still stands.

oH YES, AND wc IS in the 28thy century <G> After all, this is the 21st century...but the 21st century is the 2100s!

Don't ask, jsut go :)


Someone did write a WC ST crossover story a long time ago. It was entitled Nemesis or something like that. I do not think that it turned ou well.

As for tech, you must remeber that the WC universe went through quite a few setbacks. The chaotic 23rd century, the W.E.C, the Pilgrim stuff, the 100s tale years in the 26th century. Thus the tech may have been better without these hindrances. ANd the W.E.C did have teleportation technology (IIRC), but it must have been lost by thhe 27th century.

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The "xth century" form is always one higher than the first two digits, Bob, because the *first* century was 0-99 AD...

The WEC of Wing Commander and the WEC of Crusader isn't necessarily the same.


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I thought Bob was having another one of his insanity sessions.

How many times is WEC mentioned in the WCU? I only know of the articles in the SO fiction, and even then I thought it was an 'in-joke' from Origin.

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Originally posted by Bandit LOAF
The "xth century" form is always one higher than the first two digits, Bob, because the *first* century was 0-99 AD...

That's what I meant, before the Evil Government Conspircy edited my post... :eek:


Heres an idea

Q creates a faulty misjump on a WC ship.
Picard (or whoever you want) is sent to investigate.
Q sends them back to WC time via some unnatural phenomena, the basis of the story is the Borg arent that mean as the Kilrathi and Humanity's fate changes with simple actions.


I would keep the Star Trek universe and the WC universe separate from each other, meaning that Star Trek's 23rd/24th century is NOT the past of WC's 27th century. Instead I would envision some sort of dimensional warp--either a misjump of some sort leads to a WC carrier/battle group entering the Star Trek universe, or some anomoly (or Q) lands a Starfleet ship in the WC universe.


Anshuman, what you are suggesting sounds like moving both your lover and your mistress in under the same roof. They may not be compatible! However you asked for help, so I´ll try. A word of caution :- I am not familiar with the star trek series ( games that is ) so it´s possible that I´ll put my foot in it from time to time. Bear with me.

Firstly you need a goal. Why put the two of them together? What will you achieve by doing so?
Then you need plausability. It has to make sense, otherwise it will fly like a lead balloon.
Do both games occupy the same space?( physically that is ). If yes, then you need to take the time factor into account.
If the games occupy adjacent space, you do not. The difference can be explained as being due to the use of different calendar systems. Check out our own history, we have had lots of different calendar systems, many of them concurrently.
The difference in technology achievement could be explained as follows :- both groups have common ancestry, their forefathers are pioneers ( viz Pilgrim fathers perhaps ) who reach a stage where they have to decide between two one-way jump points. Lacking unity, one group “goes left” the other “goes right”. In time, the local conditions – raw materials, climate, pressure from alien races – would determine the rate of development of each group.
How are you physically going to do it? So far this seems to be the main point of interest in the thread replies. There have been good suggestions to solve that :- “Q factor” “Worm hole” so I´ll put in the “Star Gate” option.
As I see it, the really big question is “What are they going to do when they meet?”
Will they just say “Hi, nice to meet you” and then disappear back to where they came from? Form an alliance against a common enemy? Consider the other a threat to their own survival and start an intergalactic war? The WC “faction” could balance the tech difference by discovering/rediscovering steltek sites ex. P1.???
The possibilities are endless, the effort needed to succeed enormous, but then the prize would also be great.
Good luck!


Originally posted by Farzone
I am not familiar with the star trek series ( games that is ) so it´s possible that I´ll put my foot in it from time to time.

Who said it was a crossover with Star Trek *games*?


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WC and Star Trek just don't work together. Most of the ships in Star Trek are huge and have lots of crew. Star trek does use fighters but not very often and the fighters get slaughtered. but in Wing Commander its all about the fighters and the Fighters alwasy back up the bigger ships. Plus I think the ships in Star Trek could take out the torpedoes because of their advanced targeting systems. It would be hard for Wing commander to battle Star Trek