WC Saga Titles... thoughts.


Rear Admiral
WC Saga: Savage Lines
WC Saga: Bitter Front
WC Saga: Spearhead
WC Saga: Cornered Beast

ok, so I'm not too creative.


I've got an idea but I can't get it out right. Something to do with diligence or diligent.
You know, the people out on the front lines are ever diligent (characterized by steady, earnest, and energetic effort). Then it might sound too much like Viligence SP(price of freedom).

The Fly


Wing Commander: Invisible Hope
WC Saga: Invisible Hope

Wing Commander: Threads of Victory
WC Saga: Threads of Victory

Wing Commander: Twlight
WC Saga: Twilight

Wing Commander: Janus
WC Saga: Janus

(Janus = Two faced roman god)

my 2 cents :D

/edit:added tittle


Rear Admiral
hmm, how about a twist?

wing commander : saga


i mean, if it's gonna be all encompassing, it can be one name for all (all possible things planned for saga).
unless there will be subsequent releases that differ and stand alone from the first (rather than expand on the first)