[WC:RPG] I am a Stiletto pilot on board the TCS Majestic, AMAA


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Hi everyone,

My name is Julianna Singh, callsign 'Karen'. I am a 2nd LT pilot currently based on the TCS Majestic (bengal) in the Gemini sector. I am flying a stiletto light fighter in a scout wing. We are the eyes of the ship. It is Thursday September 12th 2659 and I am booooooored. My squad leader suggested I go to the galnet and make some friends here.

When I am not flying empty 3 point patrols, I sculpt and hang out with the rapier pilots in the minutemen squadron. They seem to always have my six and I really appreciate them.

Ask me anything about flying:
  • Stilettos
  • Scimitars
  • Broadswords
  • Shuttles
Or about asteroids... I see a lot of them.

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I've flown around in few asteroid fields, which ship do you prefer to fly when navigating those big rocks: the fast Stiletto or the slow Broadsword or is the less sluggish shuttle more your speed?

- 2nd Lt. Bradford
1087th Fighter Squadron - Minutemen
Hey Phil, I think you already know the answer, The shuttle, especially configured in SAR mode. You can really tell a good pilot from a bus driver within 20 seconds in one of them. There are a lot of cool things you can do with three tractor beams, and the shuttle does lack speed, but makes up for it with finesse. It's just too easy to dodge a rock in a Stiletto, you plan your maneuver and lead into it with a shuttle. I find it more... cerebral and less twitchy. To each their own though.

Since you're here, did your XO also put you up to being part of the AMA?
If so what's up with all that 20th century style soda? I think the barkeep has a case behind his counter just for you.
WHAT???... you haven't done a taste comparison between a glass of reproduction 20th century coke vs that swill called Lynch Cola? Seriously, you should give it a try.
When I was back home on Titan, we wouldn't get fruit like we do on the Majestic or back in Perry. I'll take a mango or strawberry smoothie any day over that fizzy stuff. At least Lynch donates two cents on the credit to the war orphan fund. :-/
Our next tour of duty starts in about two weeks, so I'll have to leave soon-ish. Want to fly with us? get some info here at geminisector.wikidot.com

Man I wish Zorro was doing this promo stuff, she can sell sand in a desert.