WC Prophecy High-res Patch Problem




I have tested the High-Res Patch for WC Prophecy and it works
at the resolution 1024x768 and 1280x1024. But the problem
is that the cockpit has the original screen size and is moved to the left upper corner. The same is with the screen from the lounge and the ICIS etc. But the movies wil played in the center of the screen. The driver was Direct3D.
I use WinXP and a Asus Geforce 6800 Deluxe.
I have it tested also with another computer with a Ati Rage 128
with the same result. But on the HCI's site by the screen shoots the cockpit has the same size as the sreen.

Can anyone help me?


Nobody that uses this fantastic patch or has nobody this problem?


I hope I can use this thread...
I just tried to install the high res pack under win 2000. But after I copy the files, it crashes after I choose the resolution and click on install...
Is this problem known?


Kilk'dymga'qith laq Ik'vikvi
Edmundo 22 said:
another option is to run a opengl wrapper ,
http://home.t-online.de/home/zsack/glide_wrapper/index.htmli i use this 1 for my radeon 8500 , it even has fog and lens flare (but i get lines thru the lense flare so it's turned off). this wrapper does 1280X960 for it's hi-res option ..it's sweet even @75hz :)

To not confuse anyone this stuff is called a GLIDE wrapper, not a opengl wrapper.
Is that one good? I found it some time ago, but never tried it as it would probably completely mess up my Voodoo1 hardware.


I tried it, and its not bad... but it does not support 1024x768... it says glide does not support this resolution.
But at 800x600 prophecy looks pretty good :)