WC Privateer- Anyone know how to get full maps?


Does anyone know how to get full maps of all of the sectors, a full map may help me plot better flight paths to get to where I want to go, i've looked on the site but i've found nothing!
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That's cool, LOAF, but I think the author wanted to know where he can buy a map in the game. So that he can use it in the game and stuff. Right?


If that's it, you just buy them in the software hut place... where you'd upgrade your sensors. They're not overly expensive.


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There's no way to look at the "full map" in the game, though. You can only view one quadrant at a time...

I remember when I was new to Privateer, that annoyed me a bit (and so did only being able to find a base by checking on a system-by-system basis... a find function like in Daggerfall would have been nice).



Try navigating with the WCP map that shows all the jump points, even the ones not charted in 2669. Made for some frustrating travel loops, until I got better at navigating with the in-game Privateer charts.



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Originally posted by ChrisReid
All of Gemini in 320x240 might've been a bit squished.
Yeah, certainly. The nav map had a pretty obtrusive frame around it, though, which didn't help much. Alternatively, they could have added some arrows to scroll the map around by a few grid units per click. Not that the lack of this is a terrible flaw or anything.


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Looks like it just went to the wrong system -- should go to War, IIRC.

Oh, and for the person who asked about the Gemini System -- it's not in Privateer... it was added to the universe on the WCU Map that came with Prophecy.


Victory, you say?
TOP 10 Reasons to why LOAF put the pullux jump there.

1. He felt like it
2. He was high on brillance
3. He was high on cardmine
4. The "god of men" told him to
5. Sivar told him to
6. Tolwyn's voice told him to
7. Thakkath's ghost told him to
8. It looked like a good spot from a jump
9. Evil Conspiracy to take over the wolrd
10. Why not?


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Originally posted by Bandit LOAF
Looks like it just went to the wrong system -- should go to War, IIRC.
That's the one. No wonder it didn't look out of place to me. On the navmap, the Troy-War jump goes right over Pollux. Quite ambiguous, if you're not familiar with the area.





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