WC Novel impression from a first time reader (End Run)


I was unsure about the novels for some time, but with the hunger to know more about the WC universe I finally broke down and ordered End Run from the advice of you good forum goers. I'd like to give my impressions on the book from the perspective of someone new to the novel series.

From the very beginning I was hooked on the "Milk Run" introduction story. It shed new light on the life of the crew of a Corvette. I really apprecieated the emotional characters, the gritty atmosphere, and the heart wrenching ending. If the "End Run" section of the book was more like this, I told myself, I would have a thouroughly enjoyable read. I was completely unprepared for the story that awaited me.

I had started reading early in the morning, after "Milk Run" I put the book down for a while but shortly I found myself drawn back to the book, when I started reading "End Run" there was no putting the book down after that and it didn't touch a table top again until I was finished reading it. The characters, familiar and new, were all deeper and more emotional than the games ever managed to portray. The book made you feel so strongly for some of the characters that you felt as if you were part of the war, you had nothing but sympathy for the people fighting, both the humans and the Kilrathi in some cases. Which brings me to my next point, I really loved how the Kilrathi backstory was extened, how they guessed at Terran tactics made them seem so much more than just, "the bad guys."

How the action was going to be really had me worried but the combat was better than I could've hoped for, perhaps repetative at times, but completely enjoyable throughout the length of the book, you could almost feel the capital ships tearing apart during some of the more dangerous engagements. The Tarawa and it's little fleet's epic charge to Kilrah had me constantly wishing that the book was a game instead of a book. I would've loved to see Concordia and the other ships in action during their trap at Vukar Tag but I guess I'll see enough of similar combat in "Fleet Action" (which I have all ready ordered this morning).

The novel Towlyn was also a refreshing change, probably my favorite part of the book was the Concordia coming to Tarawa's rescue even if it was predictable.

The whole small-carrier doing massive damage and being such an underdog thing also reminded me a lot of my favorite missions in WCIII, the Ariel system where the Victory is out causing major damage against Kilrathi capships, the major difference is the Victory trying to remain hidden. Tarawa's mad dash to escape also stirred up memories of the Victory trying to get the out of Ariel.

All in all End Run is one of the best science fiction novels I've read in a long time, and I'm happy to have a whole new world of Wing Commander to discover.


The Tarawa's End Run and the Battle of Vukar Tag would indeed be fun campaigns to play through. However, I doubt that anybody is going to start making them at least until after Standoff (which portrays the Battle of Terra) is finished.


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Vukar Tag would require a lot of fan creativity, as little is known of the actually events except for both sides starting fleets and the end results. We have basically a play by play of the Tarawa's mission so it might be more feasiable.

Glad to hear you liked ER, you are going to love FA, most find it to be their favorite because of the events it encompasses, but I prefer ER.


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Yep, BoT (and the series of battles leading up to it) is where the Hakagas made their combat debut.


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Ijuin said:
The Tarawa's End Run.... would indeed be fun campaigns to play through. However, I doubt that anybody is going to start making them at least until after Standoff (which portrays the Battle of Terra) is finished.

Why not just playing the tarawa mission for wc2 on the fan mission download page. You have to take out 4 shipyards recreating the Kilra attack.



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My copy's spine is getting pretty bad. Probably should pick up extra copies of them all. Which reminds me I really need to scan in a picture of my autographed FC...Andrew Keith wrote me a rather funny msg in it...
Deadeye79 said:
Good luck finding new copies they are an exceptionally difficult find these days

True enough. Recently I obtained all of the novels from vendors selling them as new and used through Amazon.com. All of the ones I bought were either new or in like new condition and cost less than $5 apiece. The exception was ER: I got a new one but they milked me for $15.


yikes guess it really is rare then. I am glad I have my copy of ER in a safe dry place. Its the rest of the books I need to buy over again

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I believe End Run, Action Stations and Pilgrim Stars all had fairly limited print runs - grab then while you can.


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When I bought my copy of End Run off of Barnes and noble it said that it was out of print and I needed to buy it used, you gotta get 'em while you can.


I wish I would have kept up better with mine i found all the books a really good read and have yet to tire of reading them. If I find another opportunity to own them all again I will jump right on it most likely


You can find 'em in used bookstores sometimes. Keep looking. I reccomend McKay's Chatanooga if you're in that area, I know they've had 'em in the past (I bought a lot of mine there, actually).

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I got all of them 'cept End Run. I recall someone posted the whole novel in .TXT format...I managed to pick up Pilgrim Stars for a couple of bucks at a Used Books Store and it was in perfect condition. Action Stations was good too.