WC iv DVD + WinXP + "RealMagic Hollywood plus"


At last I bought a RealMagic Hollywood Plus PCI card installed on my WinXP Pro

My PC Config :
- WinXP Pro
- RealMagic Hollywood Plus DVD decoder card
- Wing Commander iV (DVD)

I installed WC IV on my PC and configured as "Win 98/ME compatiable" mode.

I can now play the game without the error of "xxx.vob not found" and it's so nice to play WC IV with DVD quality movies.

But now I get another problem .....
I can't get my joystick working ..... but ti work on other windows based game .....!? (e.g. Kilrathi Saga, WC Prophecy ...)

Any idea of how to solve problem?
Many thanks!


For your information, I can get both "mouse" and "keyboard" works on WC IV (DVD) But not joystick.

I tried press "ctrl-j" for joystick mode, but failed .....
I tried press "alt-o" to config joystick, save the setting and exit. But still not working .....


Vice Admiral
What RealMagic drivers are you using? The ones that came with the card or ones you downloaded?

(This has nothing to do with your question, I'm just curious)