WC III and WIN98


Hi, I hope somebody can help.

I've just bought a computer comprised of
750 Athlon
3d Prophet Graphics card
SB Live1024 sound

WCIII which has been gathering dust for years now is about to come out in all its glory from when I used to play it on my dx2 66 machine all those years ago when it took 10 mins to load a mission!

Unfortunately some sort of conflict causes the games to lock up whenever a clip begins to play. Pressing escape jumps over the portion of video to the next scene.

I've tried ressing down and changing drivers to no effect - well I actually screwed everything alse up for awhile - so if anybody can help I would appreciate it before I truly do some damage!

Thanks in advance
Hmm... video problems, eh? I'm not sure whether I've seen this problem before or not.

From your message above, I gather that you're using the DOS version of WC3. It's important to note that this game can be played from within Windows; if you haven't tried that yet, then do it, and if all you've been doing is trying it in Windows, well, try from DOS.

The next thing you can try is to look around for the EA Classics version of WC3 or the Kilrathi Saga; both of these are designed to run in Windows and use DirectX to draw the video to the screen. (I looked for a patch on Origin's ftp site to change the DOS WC3 over to Win95/98, but none was found.)

Next, if you feel comfortable changing settings in the BIOS, you can try disabling the processor cache WHEN YOU WANT TO PLAY THE GAME -- MAKE SURE TO TURN IT BACK ON AT ALL OTHER TIMES!!

Hope this helps.
Speaking of WC3 and Win98....does anybody out there know how you can find out your sound card's I/O port and DMA and IRQ and all that stuff??? When I run WC3 setup...I can get the MIDI to play, but when I try and setup my Digital F/X card...I never can get it to work. I'm trying to run WC3 off of my old P100 w/ Win98 because I can't run it off my PIII 500....the installation always locks up after I type "D:\WC3"....can anybody out there help me with either problem??? Thanks a bunch

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Vampa: Right-click on My Computer and select Properties. Then, click on the Device Manager tab and locate the entry labeled "Sound, video and game controllers." Click the + next to it and you should see an entry for your sound card. Double-click it and hit the Resources tab to find everything you need to know.
Steve: I had a somewhat similar problem when I installed WC3 under WIN95 some time ago. Have you tried the "Hide Windows" option?

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