WC got away pretty clean

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It's not like these freako's let a movie get by that easy. I would've expected a Kilrathi/Satan comparison. Or a "Only Man Was Ever Created, to suggest another humanoid race is blasphemy" kind of thing.

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This is old news.

THE Staff had a report about this way back when the movie came out. Check the Archives.


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they like to attack anime alot,prob a racist


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Well yeah... I mean, anybody who doesn't like anime must be racist, right?

...No? I didn't think so.
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I'm with Quarto, They aren't racist. If they give a lot of anime bad reviews it is probably because a lot of anime tends to be violent, often has some type of mystic (i.e. non-biblical) nature, and flaunts authority. Some of it is also sexually suggestive, another big no-no. (I was unable to find any Anime titles on their list other than Pokemon, so I'm not sure what the comment was based on.)

They seemed to like aspects of WC because it had a patriotic sense to it and most of the violence and killing was because soliders were fighting in a war, and that kind of killing is less objectionable, from their point of view, if I'm following their thinking. I am surprised they didn't have problems with the Pilgrim aspect (under offenses to God), but maybe the name threw them off or they just saw it as a God-given apptitude, who knows.

The only "anime" I could findas I mentioned, was Pokemon, which got a 73 (and the problems they had were what I mentioned above.) Did look up Scary Movie which got a zero and Rocky Horror which got a surprising 67. The Iron Giant got 71.

The folks who produce this have an agenda (as most folks do to some extent), and are trying to come up with some "scientific" approach to analyzing movies. However, I think their model is flawed by their own biases and I think the Rocky Horror scoring shows that. I love Rocky Horror, used to do a mean Eddie, but I wouldn't take my nephew (who is 4) to go see it. I would take him to see the Iron Giant. They mean well, they just have a problem understanding why other people do not see the world from the same perspective they do.

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