WC games you own/have played/have finished


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As the title suggests, I was wondering which WC games you own, and which ones you've finished.

As for me :

WC1, SM1, SM2 : I have both the DOS version, and the KS version, which I downloaded from the CIC. I have seen all of the endings and completed most missions (I believe I still need to complete the simulator mission, as well as a few missions in the Hell's Kitchen system).

WC2, SO1, SO2 : I have the DOS version. I believe I have successfully completed every single mission, including the ones on the losing paths.

WC3 : I have seen all of the endings and completed most missions. I still need to play through Delius 2, Delius 3, and the alternate versions of the Blackmane missions.

WC4 : I have completed all of the missions except the one that you get if you refuse to help the veteran at the beginning of the game (I probably could do it, I've just never really bothered to try so far).

Prophecy : Won the game, haven't the seen the losing ending yet, still need to play through some "losing" missions.

Secret Ops : Won the game, saw every ending, still need to play through some "losing" missions.

Privateer, Righteous Fire : Fully finished both games with both the Tarsus and the Centurion.

Privateer 2 : Own it, haven't really played it yet.

Academy : Own it, never managed to get very far inside the gauntlet. Never really tried, either.

Armada : I have it... but I think I'll wait until I have a joystick before I really start playing it. You can't play Armada with a mouse, and this game is not kind to keyboard players.

Unknown Enemy : Won the game and saw every ending, although there are some simulator missions that I haven't managed to win. Also, I don't think I ever managed to win that one mission where you need to defend both transports.

Standoff : Fully finished the game, except for some simulator missions, I believe.

Arena : Don't own it.


All WC Games on PC
WC3+Super Wing on 3D0
Wing 3+IV on PSX

Finished: All PC titles except for Armada, Academy (well, barely put in any time on either), none of the ports (hey I need a joystick, or a mouse at a pinch)


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Own: All on PC, Gameboy and PSP. Finished all on PC except Academy and Armada Gauntlet. Finished WCP on GBA. Did not finish the PSP one.


Own on PC:
Wing Commander 1 & 2 deluxe CD edition, DOS
Wing Commander 3 original 4xCD edition, DOS
Wing Commander 4 original 6xCD edition, DOS
Wing Commander: Kilrathi Saga, Windows
Wing Commander: Prophecy (non-gold), Windows
Privateer 2 Deluxe edition, Windows
EA Classics: Wing Commander: Privateer/Righteous Fire CD, DOS
Armada/Academy/Strike Commander Classics compilation, DOS
Wing Commander 4 Special DVD edition, Windows
All GoG versions.

Wing Commander
Wing Commander: The Secret Missions

Panasonic 3DO:
Super Wing Commander

Have played but don't own:
Wing Commander 4, PSX (friend's copy)
EA Replay Wing Commander, PSP (sold)
Origin Prophecy Secret Ops, Windows (lost archive)
Wing Commander 1 and Secret Missions 1&2 deluxe CD (lost)

Never played any other title or edition.

Defeated all of the above but was never really successful at Nightmare mode on any of the variable difficulty WCs. That is just too much for me. I'm still trying to find WC3 on 3DO. :confused:

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own all of them.. sometimes multiple versions of the same game. played and beaten all of them except possibly righteous fire privateer 2 was my jam.. I've beaten that dozens of times.. once I beat it in a straith :D