WC Fan Jumps Into Hornet Cockpit (April 8, 2019)


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Dardael has put together a neat live action interpretation of Enyo 1 from the original Wing Commander. It starts with the run from the briefing room, engages the Kilrathi in space and then successfully heads home to the Claw. He employed a couple clever video editing techniques to blend a small amount of green screen footage with cockpit action. The language is Italian, but most Wing Commander fans are familiar enough with what's going on here to infer the meaning. This style of Wing Commander fan tribute has a lot of potential - it'd be great to see more like this, including new missions/stories!

First mission reimagined with the help of Blender and Da Vinci Resolve
You can also find Dardael's extensive Italian WC retrospective here.

Original update published on April 8, 2019


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Pretty cool! That's a lot of not-blinking! :) At first I thought that he had simply pasted a static photo as a texture on a 3d helmet, it wasn't until he looks sideways halfway through the video that I realised it's not a photo.

And yeah, 'tis a lot of blurring. But the overall result is definitely fun.


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It's pretty cool, But the blurs are JJ Abrams worthy. ;)
I believe it's one of those reshade filters that try and make it look like lights are glowing, but it's overly heavy and applied to everything. However it's still a pretty neat fan effort and I'd love to see more stuff in this vein.


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Che fico!!!
Great eye acting!!!
Italian speaking Kilrathi!!!

The subtitles indicate (and it also sounds to me like) the Kilrathi taunt at around 1:05 is "Per massimo popolizio siete capaci di fare." Which with the help of Google translate might be "Is that the best your people can do?"

I don't speak Italian, feel free to correct me!
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