WC DVD playback inquiry



Can I get either

- RealMagic Hollywood Plus PCI DVD Decoder
- Or DXR3

to play with WC DVD IV?

Cpl Hades

Mr. Kat
Any card which uses the Realmagic Hollywood+ DXR3 drivers (the Creative one can be modified) should be able to run WCIV DVD, though I can only be sure that it works in Win9X. The game won't run at all in Win2k and WinXP should work in theory... but who knows.


I received the mail today and installed it on my WinXP Pro machine.
But I still got everyone's same error "can find movie" .....

I think I need to get a dxr3 or Hollywood Plus to make it work


Vice Admiral
The problem is that it can't the DVD player software. WC4 requires an MCI-based DVD player, which is an interface that Microsoft deprecated around the Win2k era.

You'll probably need to get old Win95 drivers and install 95 or 98 on your system to get it to work properly.

(I got that "Can't find movie" error when I rebooted into Win98 a while ago - I reinstalled WinDVD 2 which came with MCI DVD drivers, and it worked, somewhat - it doesn't get the end of movie signal.)