WC drugs


Does anyone have information on illegal drugs in Wing Commander? What kinds, their effects, etc.

I read somewhere that there were drugs in Prophecy, but since I don't have the game, I don't have any details (anyone know where I can get the WCP fiction?)

UE people: was Brilliance made-up? If so, were there any details behind it?

This is for a character in my story (not telling who for now)...
From privateer, we learn that brilliance is referred to as "chemical cheer". I think I remember a reference to it being an acid drug. I think ultimate is a stronger form of brilliance. Or, perhaps they're in the same drug category. Either way, they both come in nifty boxes. And, apparently, in relatively large quantities. If you look at the size of the package compared to, say, a rifle, they're about the same length.

That's all I know for certain.

Action Stations refers to a drug called Happy Death.