WC Comic: Halcyon's Callsign

I'm partial to Einsten too, could be used in sarcasm back in the academy when he wasn't such a good pilot... "Hey 'Einstein,' if you were flying any closer you could smell what I ate for dinner last night!"
Could lead to some flashbacks to the academy days, where we see vital lessons being taught, the hard way. ;)
Real quick...

The name doesn't HAVE to have any relation to "Bishop". Names like Hurricane or Falcon would work just as well...

EDIT: ... Harp Polisher? :confused:
Most real callsigns are plays of off a person's name. With this, I would suggest something allong the lines of Halman, Haldog, etc.
How about Bolter? It has positive connotations, speed, strength, etc., but he could have gotten it for screwing up a landing
Hello, all - been lurking for some time. How about one of these -

Yogi, as in walking over hot coals type, NOT bear. (Meditative action)
Highwire, circus tightrope.
Snake Charmer
Swami (see Snake Charmer)
I like bolter, since callsigns, if not taken from a name, are usually for a screwup. An example would be trigger, for the guy who missed the target while shooting. Or, it could be something that is opposite of their personality. For example, calling the big tall guy tiny, or for our case, a name like slackered.
Hmm... a couple of thoughts, considering his flying style and personality.

"Ramrod" since he's as straight-lined as one.

"Centurion" or "Legionaire" because they sound cool and hints at the discipline of the Roman ranks. Also, the word Halcyon means peaceful and placid, and is reminicient of the Pax Romana.

One I don't like as much, but here it is: "Stickler"

I'll try to think of some others.
I rather like the Junior one. I also like the Surgeon callsign, however I've a suggestion. Perhaps Doc would work better. Here are some other callsigns. If these have been taken or you do not feel these to be applicable, please disreguard.

Katana (My personal callsign, you can use it if you wish)
I suggest calling him "Boots" because he's so "straight-laced".

Another that I've been fond of is "Akula" which works paticularly well with a Russian Heritage and also means "Shark" in Russian, and as everyone knows the shark is a natural predator.

I like the Kingfisher suggestion, but if you keep in mind that callsigns are supposed to be short, Kingfisher stretches into three syllables, and I think something with two would be more fitting. But that's just my two cents.
i really think you should just stick with bishop.


oh whoops, just read the front page.

well, shoot. i liked bishop.
Any time I see one of those high-testosterone callsigns like "Flash", "Firebreath", "Hammer", "Kaiser", "Hero" ASOASF.. (hopefully not to mention any of the suggestions handed in this far) - I think: What a waste of brain tissue. And I don't have the impression that Tom Halcyon is one of that sort.

I like the clerical theme, because it plays nicely with personal values and has a lot of opportunities for sarcasm and mockery - something like "Deacon" or "Reverend" (//edit: sorry MadCow, don't want to steal this from you.. - but it's a VERY good name).
I remember once when I looked on a documentary about the U.S. Air Force. A colonel there had the callsign "fuel mup" because that was what the tanker craft always heard over the comm when the colonel requested refueling :)

So why not think in those terms, based on his personality, how is he perceived by the people around him?

An intelligent guy with attention to detail and good cockpit skills? "owl" or "owlie" perhaps?
An intelligent bird who is a very good flier