WC:CD Originals...

Here's a little different setup based on the LOAF take and probably mostly others take....But....The name will now that I think about it. And after I really get into the texturing on the model. Probably Either Thunderbolt Typhoon!!! or the Thunderbolt Buccaneer!! Only votes will tell....Voting ends @ 12 midnight EST today. Anyways here's the new shot of the Thunderbolt "XXX" ... Just a render (NOT IN Vision Engine)... Added to more guns (Tachyons under fuslage) also the gun spread was way too far out and it was really tough tryin to hit any moreys with that thing. so basically if your out of missiles and your gettin tailed by a Devil Ray....EJECT EJECT EJECT!! So I fixed that.


Or when in doubt.....Go without........wait wait ....THE FINS.....I do have 2 kids keep in mind

It reminds me of a trend from some years ago -- around when Wing Commander IV was released... people would 'mix together' the images of the different fighters to create new ones for their fanfic. I recently looked through a folder of fan-letters-to-Origin and found the same thing... all sorts of Thunderbarrows and Longcats.

(... then there was some Aces Club kid who did the same thing and *insisted* they were the top secret fighters from Wing Commander V, and he had some crazy backstory about Kilrathi Blair fighting the Nephilim and so forth... I wish I could remember his callsign.)

James "Flashfire" Boswell, lauded inventor of the Vakcalibur.
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I think the fins would work out better if they were part of the rocket pods, rather than competing with the rocket pods for wing space and attention from mommy.
hmm interesting. I'll render one with some fins on the missile launchers at some point today or tomorrow and see what you guys think.
Another idea is instead of cargo hold they can be external fuel tanks allowing for a longer use of afterburners in a fight. For those how use their guns more then the missiles in a dogfight.