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Last night after I got home from work. I figured on working on some type of Post Kilrathi War Transport. Now I'm not really too privey on Kilrathi Hierachy and what not. So I decided to have this ship as some type of transport. I based the design similar to the Dorkathi and also the Crossbow bomber even tho there both different sides. I plan to have the size to be around the dorkathi or Kamekh. I'm not sure about armament yet of anything. And I can really only change the shape of it delete certain shapes. it's at 1198 Polies. but also I have a question for someone out there. In adding in a ship as a corvette in the Vision engine does it have seperate engine companents and bridge etc..? or is it just like a fighter? In any event I'm going to need some help in naming this thing. Yet again. :) So a Kilrathi Extroardinare is who I need to get this baby out of the dock. :) Enjoy the pics below


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Looks interesting - maybe still a tad terran.

I would suggest a name starting with d-o-r-k (no pun intended here,) and then a new suffix (perhaps to represent a defeated race.)

We have Dorkir and Dorkathi, so maybe something like Dorkara. From what ship classes we encounter, it seems there is a definite naming convention when it comes to classification nomenclature.
One thing that really sucks, is that there is the WC1,2, etc.. type designs right and then there's WC3 and 4 Designs..... I know this may sound stupid but I was trying to really look for something between the 2. One thing I did use at least for the textures were some of the more Secret Ops and WC3 type textures. As far as the design it started out looking like the Dorkathi then turned into something totally different...I didn't want the more orange look to it like in WC2 ...I believe that was achieved by the Standoff team really well, So I wanted to stear away from that only reason being is it seemed origin started to go for more drab type colors and textures, well at least most of the capships are like that. Also keep in mind if the ship can be added as a a cap ship and not a corvette so there being a bridge and engine compenents etc...it's won't be a problem with the poly count.
Here's another varient and also using Standoffs Textures to show you the differences, but here's a version that I could use if it's a high poly count (having it be a capital ship in the Vision Engine) . Give your thoughts opinions etc...etc....etc... :)


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I like the second and third image. Although I'd get rid of the blue intakes and replace them with red ones.
On the Original model? Orange model? Dorkathi looking model? Orange Dorkathi looking model? oh btw I only used the blue because that's what was used in WC3 for Kilrath Capship engine intakes, but I understand tho
Engine intakes changed to a different color. on each one


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Red Intakes...


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I agree with Dundradal about your earlier shots: think the second model in these recent pictures looks right. Definitely seems to be in the right direction for transport design - though, maybe a little small? Probably hard to judge - can you place a fighter nearby for reference?

Looking great though...
here's a size comparison.. I'm trying to do it as fast as I can....... but leave comments over the weekend and I'll makes changes on monday

Note: Take a look at the other model and it's around the same size as that one too


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you should probably keep the rounded parts and the orange textures, but make it a bit longer, maybe 30% longer or so, it looks a little bunched up right now.
Original model looks pretty cool, but for a terran ship. it reminds me of some big bad crossbow mk II type of ship... Might even make it a free trader.
The model with those round canister thingies looks pretty kilrathi-like to me. At least more than the original. And the orange textures look better on it.
Just my opinion, of course
On the Original model? Orange model? Dorkathi looking model? Orange Dorkathi looking model? oh btw I only used the blue because that's what was used in WC3 for Kilrath Capship engine intakes, but I understand tho

D18a and D18b
So a lil more like a dorkathi type looking transport...Seems like a worthwhile thing...Of coarse with this model I will also have to insert it as a capship into the vision engine instead of just a corvette so I will think of a few different things to add into the model, seeing how when adding capships there's virtually no end to the poly limit.
Ok... D18a, D18b and D21B (Engine Intakes) will be for the Kilrathi type transport not only does it look like the dorkathi it's also a little bit different. As the Original Design.....I believe I will use it for something but I'm going to change that one up a bit, to be used as a confed ship......
Alright well here's a fairly different design a little more simple which I've decided to use as a template for the Confed Transport.....So Tell me what you think? What should I change....add ....etc....it's at 740 polies right now so I've got quite a bit of room to add things. It doesn't have a bridge yet. Keep in mind the previous designs are not going to be lost. But I really wish to steer away from the dorkathi type look, to have something different.


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it reminds me a fair bit of this:


thats the ogan transport from privateer 2
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The back reminds me of the Confed transport from Armada:


I might caution against designing *too* many new ships, though -- it might be easier than sexing up old ships, but at some point you can lose your grasp on your project being a Wing Commander tie-in.
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