WC:CD Kilrathi "Test" Fighter


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Ok so I know this may sound wierd but I was thinking that the WC:CD needed a different type of Kilrathi Design a test fighter so to speak, to help out with the Nephilim threat. So I've included a few different designs...Please remember that the textures on these fighters are "Hodgepodge" and would not be the textures in the final model. But tell me which design you think would make a good candidate as an fairly advanced Kilrathi fighter I'm keepin speed, power (Gun armament) at a high Armor is to be average, and shields at a low. 6 guns are to be mounted, and plenty o missiles


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I'm quite partial to the first two - the first one looks like some kind of Vaktoth/Dralthi crossover, and the second one looks like a sharper Darket. Either one of them would do well, I think.
I'm quite partial to the first two - the first one looks like some kind of Vaktoth/Dralthi crossover, and the second one looks like a sharper Darket. Either one of them would do well, I think.

yea the 3rd and 4th are a cross between the bloodfang and a dralthi
hahaha I like the Cracktoth hahah, Actually I'm kinda leanin towards the second one but then again these are only tests to see if people really like a little different design. Other than the same ole same ole fighters.
I'm sorry I' gone the other direction and have elaborated on the Ninja named "Bloodfalthi" (Which we will think of something similar to name it or something totally different by a vote.) So I've elaborated on the fighter that you see in the 3rd and 4th screenshot. I change the cockpit area, to be of the darket. and also have added some sharp projections, I'm including this as a fighter that is going to counter certain Nephilim fighters, but will be somewhat of a renegade type Kilrathi faction that isn't affiliated with Confeds "Truce and disarmament agreements" Let me know what you think...

P.S: Keep in mind these textures will be changed


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Looks like a dual-cockpit vessle...

(i see two cockpits in the bottom right, is this a trainer vessle, or a "pilot to bombadeer" situation?)

just a thought, if this is your goal.. could you maybe add some influence from the wc1 "krant" fighter?
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There is one cockpit for the vessel which is a Darket cockpit. The other cockpits that your referring too are going to be made into some type of "intake" for the engines.. I just have to do the textures for them. And I'll check on things for the grant and get back to you because that's actually a really good idea.
Alright well here's the model with a few different textures...etc... and a few changes here and there check it out n leave some comments. :)


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The ship looks nice, but the wing underneath feels unnecessary, since all it seems to do is make landing difficult :p I mean, I guess an engineer would only go through the trouble of finding a way to have a wing under the ship only it it has a purpose like, say, a torpedoe rack. Here you see the missile launchers on the side wings, and none on the wings underneath.
Here's another pic looking at the side view and front view... I was thinking on having those Wings as some type of internal guns.. I just haven't foudn the right texture to really reflect that haha.. the 2 missile launchers are the things that look like the old Bloodfang cockpit... Should I leave the wing things or just get rid of them? oh I added some winglets on the outside too maybe that would seem more plausible, should I change maybe where the bottom launcher is located? Let me know :)


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Here's a naked version....

I was just thinking tho...How does the Paktahn land? hahah maybe it's considered Kamikaze :)


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Well, what I meant is, if you're having a wing underneath make it loot like it serves enough purpose so it's worth the extra trouble to make it land. Take the WC3 bloodfang, for example. the wing underneath could very well rotate to the ship's left, where there is no wing, to land. We don't know.

Also, when looking at all the WC3 Kilrathi ships you'll notice that they don't have tons of wings going in every direction, yet they have distinct looks, we could visually identify them easily.

All those pics look nice, though.
Hmm interesting... I obviously wasn't thinking that when doing this ship haha. Maybe I'll rethink a little bit of the design. Maybe even change where some of those wings are. I'll check into it.
In response to the landing issue thingy....check it out :)


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