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Here's some new shots of the Broadsword that I've been working on... It still needs much attention to the textures. But I was able to finally add turrets. Much easier than I thought or at least i was making it harder on myself.



As always comments questions and concerns are welcome.
Yea i kept them the same size as the Arena screenshot of the front orthographic or whatevers. it's probably just the screenshot making it look larger than it really is.
Is there some way to sharpen the edges of the stripes? As it is they look sort of like they were spraypainted on...
Looking better -- they need to be 'dirtied' in the same manner as the rest of the ship, though...
I'm glad you decided to keep the stripes. I think they'll work well once they have been blended a bit more to match the ship...

Looking good.
Here's some updated pics, I might still change the engine area the poly count is at 850 so I have 400 more polies to deal with...but here's some updated texture pics...I made a high resolution texture 512x512 :) Also the missile pod area has been removed and redone :)


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I wasn't totally satisfied with the Plasma Cannon guns so I redesigned them (Les Polylines too). Let me know what you think..


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Here's another Screen of a little more classic gun layout.....but don't you think 3 plasma cannons would be a little much?


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Here's another Screen of a little more classic gun layout.....but don't you think 3 plasma cannons would be a little much?

You have a couple of options there, though. You could lower the refire rate, or the damage, or both to reduce their effect.

My recommendation would be to look at the stats for the Devastator Plasma, and make all three of these only slightly more powerful then the Devastator plasma cannon.

It definatly looks alot better with three guns - and the model itself looks like something right out of Arena (Though I've not played the game, only seen the screenshots).

How soon until we can get a shot of it in-game-engine with turrets?
Yea for the game I actually reduced the damage for the Plasma and took the refire delay to a little bit higher but only reason being is that It would seem a little better and makes gameplay so much more fun when making more shots to kill something....I mean think about it how many shots were to take out a bridge on any capital ship? 2.....3.....I mean in my mind it seems like it would take much more shots to take out a component like at least 6-7+ shots... Maybe it's just me but I always thought the plasma cannon on the ships were way too powerful....now the Plasma Guns on the Plunkett are a different story.

Also note the WC Arena Broadsword "Executioner" has mounted 2 Tachyons and 2 Plasma but I'm not sure where there mounted really.... So I think in retrospect that this Broadsword isn't going to be THE "Executioner" and that the 3 mounted guns in the front will be what's on the model.....and tonight I'll get the Broadsword in game...With Turrets.. and will have some shots tonight of it....
Rotate the missile launchers so that they look as they do on the Arena Ship , Also darkened the textures on the guns a bit.. :)


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Although the Devastator has a nice ring to it...and is a more advanced bomber, It's good to see old ships get better......I believe the answer will be a "Yes" :) Originally I had thought that it would be just a support ship of sorts and not flyable...but after alot of thought and plenty messeges and email I have been coerced into making this Broadsword a flyable ship in the WC:CD Mod....