WC:CD "Border Worlds"

I agree with Pete, and that's the thing that gets me about most of your models, too - the texturing. And not really the way they look, but rather a couple of texturing fundamentals.

First, there's always some texture map warping (meaning you need to work on the mapping coordinates, this comes from places where you tried to map a square to a pentagon or somesuch) and second, there's never much consistency in the texture resolution throughout the ship.

In this model, for example, in the first image we can see that the front side of the wings (a tiny area) clearly has more pixels per area than the underside of the cockpit (a huge area), and in the second image we can see that the grills on the sides of the engine pod also have a lot more pixels than the blurry hull extension that the center engine exhaust is attached to (actually, I think those grills have more detail than any other part of the ship).

You should really try to mantain pixel sizes consistent for the whole model so that no part looks blurrier than the rest. I know this is because you're reusing pieces of original textures, but I think it'd really work best if you just re-did similar textures of your own at proper resolutions for each ship (which would also let you map them in a way that didn't cause warping). Your actual art may not look that great on its own (my textures sure don't either), but even so the consistency between each part of your textures will lend the model as a whole a more polished look.

An easy way to get this done is to map a checkerboard texture to your model while you're working on the UV mapping... if any area of the checkerboard pattern looks warped, it'll be easier to spot it than if you already had a generic gray hull texture mapped to it. And if for any group of faces the pattern is more dense than for the rest of the model, it'll be easier to fit ix because by just scaling the mapping on those faces you will be able to tell when the pattern looks to be about the same size as for the rest of the model.
This is really just to show certain shapes....It won't be the final textured model....I try to do the models as fast as I can without doing too much in changing as far as textures are concerned to basically get a better idea of what the shape should be I guess....But thank you very much for the support and I'll take your advice on the texturing :)
It only makes sense that the spaceframe from a border-worlds fighter wouild be based off of old confed designs...

Think of it, when you build a fighter, you need to have manufactered parts, and it would make perfect sense to use old confed spaceframes, and glue them together, you would not need to build your own factories, it's all proven technology, and saves endless recources.

Surplus hellcat and Rapier or Sabre parts, or even parts from cat fighters.. but ofcourse, all in BW color schemes.

As for the note on the WC4 banshee, if you switch to stormfires and push all that power to the shields, she can take on and outfly anything.

Can anybody tell me what happened to pliers(the character, not the guy who plays the role) after WC4 ended?
As for the note on the WC4 banshee, if you switch to stormfires and push all that power to the shields, she can take on and outfly anything.

Using the stormfire on the Banshee is kind of tricky, because it isn't equipped with one. In fact, the secondary weapon of the Banshee is the scatter cannon, the shotgun of the stars.

Can anybody tell me what happened to pliers(the character, not the guy who plays the role) after WC4 ended?

Judging by his performance on WCIV, he made a partially functional Behemoth on his backyard with lego parts.
I think they all look like a cut and paste job the BW’s would do. The first one looks a lot like a heavy fighter. The second looks like it’s more of a missile delivery ship rather then a fighter. And the third looks like it’s a torpedo delivery ship. They all nice looking but that’s how I see them. Also as for the guns on the first ship I think it could work if it’s a combination of both lasers and mass drivers as when I looked back at the weapons on both sides the weapons used the most were lasers and mass drivers so there’d be a lot of them lying around at least that’s what I think. One more thing wouldn’t a bearcat have made a better choose to cut and past on as it looks like it would be lease trouble to do things to it?
I really like the looks of the first model. Those triple cannons look mighty nice :)
Its certainly giving a "don't mess with me" message :)
But, as said it might not be very border-worldish. Course if those were mass drivers or lasers, i don't see why not. For anything better then that you would have to presume that border worlds are much better off financially after 15 years...
3rd model looks like something out of WCIV which is good, i guess.
Here's something a little bit different.....Tell me what you think...Should I totally get rid of the tubes for launchers or what?

As much as it makes sense that the Border Worlds might potentially use bits and pieces of familiar designs to mishmash up new ships, it's a tougher line to walk than you'd think. The point is to make the ships look modular and have similar components be reused, if really necessary, in the most logical way. Simply cutting and pasting sections of various models together just looks lazy. I think the latest revision of this fighter is a lot better in that regard.
I agree Chris....This was definately a spill balling type of ship design that is for sure. I've since gone back to the drawings board for this one. But the Nephilim stuff has been time consuming. I'll get back to this one tho.
Maybe you could use Howard Day's "Goblin" or build from other ships in the concept art? I'm not sure if those are the right time line, but it's almost like you have a professional design team designing the ships since they were made by a... professional design team.
Here's a Revised Version Tell me what you think. I was thinking on calling it the "Butterfly"


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Butterfly doesn't seem so deadly and fear-making ((forgot the word...))...but it looks cool. Maybe Stinger (in the case it's not taken) or Yellowjack (if you change the red to a dark yellow).
I was definately thinking some type of multi roll craft that is capable of atmospheric type flights, etc...etc......trying stuff a little different :) Plus it's going to be Border Worlds newest Militia craft. "Stinger" sounds hot I like that one....
I probably should have replied to this way sooner, I wasn't meaning to be a downer about how the Border Worlds fared after WCIV either, I just was trying to impress upon you the idea that they should still feel like a small government stuck in a vice grip between larger forces.

Confed post WCIV was all about shiny and sleek vehicles (those we see in prophecy)

so I like the idea that the Border Worlds may have come up with its own ships, but they look a lot more utilitarian. That ship you just put together is a great example of what I mean, it looks rugged and well put together, but gritty compared to a panther. Exactly the sort of thing I could picture pliers putting together as a cheap alternative to expensive Confed equipment.

I definitely think the border worlds should play some role in your mod. Just not as a pound for pound match to confed, or worse, their weaponry superior.
Yeah, I think that vessel is pretty fitting. Small, multi-purpose, not-overally sleek, and yes rather rugged too. Looks like it wouldn't take much to replace the parts with several components and features looking similar to the banshee and a few other BW craft (not a lot similar but close enough to fit).

Nice work....now what is this mod I hear?
I really need to make a website for the project....but you prolly will just have to search on this site for now...
Now that I look at it, Stinger actually sounds good for this ship, but something in my mind is pointing to Viper or Cobra.