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no, just follow the guidelines - i'll combine the lines of text into a single cardlist when they're all finished - notepad is best, but any will do

p.s. - be sure to post which ones you're doing so no one else does them, and so i don't do them


okay, i've finished confed luck cards & started adding confed maneuver cards, so don't do those - also, i have all of the card images thumbnailed and converted, so they'll be ready to use when the list is finished

anyone that helps - and some help would really speed things up - needs to put the name of the card image file (as shown on jetlag's list) in the first set of quotes on a card entry line, like this:

card "/wc/c-bd-sta-des" "Stabilizer Destroyed\nBattle Damage Cost: 3\n\nManeuver: -2" #ffffff 1

omit the .gif extension, and add /wc/ before the rest of the line

i'll keep this forum updated as often as i can


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They got the little thumbnail, but no joy on the big Deathstroke picture.


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It sounds like they're re-starting the long-gone Java multiplay WC CCG game.


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I probably shouldn't volunteer any time since I'm already overbooked.. but should this work out, it wouldn't be too difficult to provide some infrastructure to it. Player Matching, Tournaments, Records and so on. Actually most of that could probably be automated through Crius here.


Should I add a newline for each line of text a acrd.
i.e.) assault the carrie as two full lines of text on the card. Should it be one line for the code. Or should I start a new line where the 2nd line starts on the card?


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Goodness, this is good news.

Perhaps if this is successful, the community can form a team of sensible people to make a digital expansion for the original game (using screenshots and stuff).

Or gosh, even make a few slight rules modifications to make the game better.


A few card chagnges would be great.

I always thought the bombers should of had higher attack and defense rating. I mean the lowbow can carry 16 friend or foe missiles ans has a very high shield and armor rating.

at least an attack of 2 to 4 and a defense of 6 to 8.