WC Art Campaign Meets Funding Goal, Ending Soon! (September 8, 2020)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
Mike Winterbauer's campaign to create an alternate art portfolio for his classic game art covers comes to a close this week. We can confidently project its success since it currently stands at 7.5 times its target amount. CIC staff members alone appear to have pledged more than the minimum threshold, so that helps too. Of particular interest to WC fans is a new spread that shows side-by-side depictions of his famous Super Nintendo Wing Commander art on the game's box as well as in print magazines. There are also several other similar collages involved for his other games, including Solstice, Power Blade and Might & Magic. As of this writing, the project has passed $1500. If it reaches $2000, pledgers will also receive a "Xeen Rises" sketch. Some of his past WC works are available in the lower tiers, or the new 16x24 inch metal print comes in at the $150 (plus shipping) level. Find out more here. Act quick: everything ends early Thursday!

Wing Commander Limited Edition Signed Metal Print Pledge!

Pledge $150 and get the amazing signed 16 by 24 inch Limited Edition Signed Metal Print and a letter of authenticity address to you! These stunning metal prints are ready to hang out of the box and are signed! This is a very cool collectible that is a Limited Edition signed and numbered! There will be only 500 of these awesome prints. This stunning collectible shows the cool Wing Commander original painting, logo painting and the cool box and advertising of Wing Commander!
Original update published on September 8, 2020