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Is there some kind of list of games that are like or "almost" like Wing Commander for all platforms capable of playing video games (PC with any OS, Mac, PS2, GC, handheld devices, etc) ?

Bob McDob

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I made a list of space combat sims once, but lost it. Give me some time and I'll try to redo it.


Bob McDob said:
I made a list of space combat sims once, but lost it. Give me some time and I'll try to redo it.

That would totally rock.

Maybe I can help a little bit:

- Skyfox (C64)

- Skyfox 2 (C64)

- Elite (BBC Micro)

- Frontier: Elite 2 (DOS/Windows)

- Elite: First Encounters (DOS/WIndows)

And those are pretty much all I know besides the games in the Wing Commander series.

The Elite games can be downloaded legaly from the web:

http://www.eliteclub.co.uk/download/ (legal shareware download of Elite 2 & 3).

(I think dosbox does wonders).

The Slyfox games can be found as disk images at several C64 places. Even though I don't know if I can link to this kind of place (But c'mon it's so old... better not to take chances).

Oh you can also get several versions of the original Elite at:



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Stuff you might want to look at:
Halcyon Sun
Freespace 1&2

Flightsims, but still somewhow a bit like WC IMHO:
Strike Commander
Crimson Skies

Personally I also quite enjoyed X-Com Interceptor, but that one is really a strange beast and the space sim part is quite lacking.


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There is nothing like Wing Commander but Wing Commander.


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Don't forget the true combat starship simulator: Independence War
The Edge of Chaos: Independence War 2


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I-War has some wing commander influences, but then again it's has so many things not in common with wing commander.

and i agree with le hah


212 Squadron - "The Old Man's Eyes And Ears"
Considering that Preacher and McGruff The Crime Dog are the only ones to agree with me on my statement, I'm forced to remove it from the record. :)


The Star Wars X-Wing/Tie Fighter Series was a favorite of mine back in the day. Similar, though not as good.

-X Wing
-Tie Fighter
-X Wing Alliance
-X Wing vs Tie Fighter

All released for PC, the first three on the list were released a few years ago in a set called X-Wing Trilogy. The original X-Wing and Tie Fighter were released for DOS, so Lucasarts did sort of a WKS thing to bring them up to date. X-Wing Alliance in particular is an excellent game.

Uh oh, I won't get in trouble for reccomending SW games on a WC forum, will I? :)


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I Like the Colony War Series and Star Trek: Invasion (though not really like Wing Commander).

Starlancer is great (Nice Simulator too)


While there is no "replacement" for wing commander, i personally think that the freespace series is awsome. Not so much a personal story as you have no player character, but the over all war story is quite good and i personaly find the gameplay to be just as good as wing commander. Prettier too considering they are both newer games. (If i recal correctly there are actually some people trying to import wing commander ships into the Freespace 2 engine.)


If you havn't tried this game yet you really should. I was huge wing fan until the stoppped making them. There is an online space MMOG called Jumpgate (www.jossh.com) I played it for 4 years before giving it up for Starwars Galaxies. (i have superstar destroyer with my name on it) Its a great game with many different thing to do. I think it was designed to be wing/privateer online before origin got chopped up by EA, but there is no official statement for that. Give it a try I bet you'll be hooked like I was for many years.