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I was just sitting around and started watching WC:A then it occurred to me that there weren't very many Wing Commander Academy Wallpapers so I thought I'd make one. Then after doing this I think I'll do similar wallpapers for all the major Wing Commander Titles. Really I guess I just wanna know what everybody thinks. Thanks for the input :)


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About the only real quibble I can think of, about that pic, is that the logo is a little too blurry. Sure, the focus is on the characters in the foreground, but if it's going to be a not-insignificant part of the image, I think it should be a little more in focus.


Alex Von T.
looking at this image, I can't help but wonder how luke skywalker got a squarer jaw than Biff Tannen.

Not too shabby at all!

Bandit LOAF

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I don't think he has an option with regards to the text -- it's a limitation of the source material. I guess one of our experts could render a new version of the title logo...

(Does anyone remember the *first* Wing Commander Academy TV commercial? It was a starfield with quick announcement about the show coming soon and then a 2D logo... I watched the USA Network for days and days watching to see that commercial.)

Bandit LOAF

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Yes, they were - Tolwyn, Blair and Maniac were all voiced by their Wing Commander III/IV/Prophecy actors.


212 Squadron - "The Old Man's Eyes And Ears"
Yes. Tom Wilson has a rather solid history of voiceover work, ranging from Spongebob to Disney's Gargoyles to an episode of both Superman *and* Batman.

IMDB can shed more light on the subject, if you want.


Mr Kat says...
Nice work, Kilrathikiller. :)

Regarding the blurriness, this is probably about the best source image available (taken straight from Loaf's VCR captures, I assume) and together with the adjusted opacity of the logo to make it more transparent along with the other images/layers, should account for the blurry look.
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Front page! Never thought that would happen. Thanks for the responses and the new ones to come. On the blurriness I will try really hard to make it better and sharper. It will just take some time. Also new ones similar to this are to come using only material from the subject. Thanks again.


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Actually on the time part it really take me that long. An hour and a half about did it. I added the Logo bryan provided and did some minor editing to it and boom here it is.
Hope everybody likes this one better and maybe switch it to this one on the front page.:D


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