WC 4 and WC 5 on Steam Deck

Was someone ever be able to get WC IV running on the steam deck.
I managed to get it installed via lutris. It more or less works on Desktopmode.
As @LividLiquid statet in another thread, I had to disable window manager controlling windows in the wine config. Pretty every version of proton runs the game (by now I use GE-Proton 8-23). The game starts plays the movies and I played the first mission.
I installed the HD movie pack and the game runs (the aspect ratio seems to be messed up - but hey...)
I even managed to change the inflight language by installing the dos version and copy the files from this installation to the dvd installation.

Two questions someone of you may be able to answer.

  1. I cannot get it running in gamemode. When starting the game from gamemode, I can hear the sound of the game (the introvideo .vob is played) but the valve logo circles and I can only press steam menu or "B" to leave. The game (.vob file) is running in the background. Is there some setting I miss. The problem with Desktopmode is, that my controller scheme includes some radial- and touchmenus on the right stick and the left pad and these menus work, but were not visualized. Both is really needed to play WC games without a keyboard.
  2. I was able to install the DOS Version too. This plays quite fine in Gamemode (with low-res video - but in the end better than nothing). Problem is, that - as soon as I am ingame - the game won't recognize the joystick. Even it recognizes it well as long as it is in "dosmode" (before the game starts it asks you to calibrate the joystick and there I can see, that moving the stick is recognized). This may be a question for dosbox...but maybe someone of you has encountered such a problem and can help.

If I enable "disable window manager controlling windows" the game runs even in gamemode. But unfortunately then the game is displayed only in the lower half of the screen, so that you can only see the upper half of the game picture and even if it works well it is unplayable.

Is there someone out there who can help. I play WC 1, 2 and 3 on the deck. And it is absolute fantastic (I use xreal air and have such a huge screen).